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Talk Social: 22 October, 2019

Facebook begins testing a new Twitter-like interface


Facebook is rolling out a new-look beta version of its platform to select users.

The first look, taken from screenshots shared at 2019’s developer conference, show a new-look interface complete with optional dark mode. Many commentators have pointed out the new design has many strikingly similarities to the latest design of Twitter.

The new version is only a test, so the final release might not look the same

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LinkedIn Events are here

After first announcing it was developing its own Events tool in November last year, LinkedIn has officially launched the function.

Similar to Facebook Events, the new tool gives it’s members the ability to create and organize event pages, and facilitate in-person meet-ups via the professional social network.

Given the professional nature of LinkedIn, the option will no doubt come in handy for business meeting and networking occasions.

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Facebook adds search results to ad placement options

Facebook has added a new type of advert placement for businesses on the platform.

As of this week, Automatic Placement will by default include ‘Facebook Search Results’ and business will have the option to include it with an ad’s placement. Once selected, adverts will be eligible to appear within a user’s search results.

Facebook has said that the ads will be delivered to match the given search. For instance, a person searching Facebook Marketplace for “home decoration ideas” will be served ads relating to interior design

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Instagram test following list categories

Instagram is testing out a new process which would categorize your ‘Following’ list.

In order to help users better manage what content they see, the new option would include the ability to divide your feed into both topic categories and listings based on your engagement.

There is currently no word from Instagram on whether this test will go live.

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She was on a break

Jennifer Anston made a lot more friends last week.

Within 12 hours after posting a selfie of herself with her former Friends co-stars, the actor had grown her new account to almost five million followers and the post had received over 10 million likes.

According to Guinness World Records, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan previously held the title of fastest growing account. It is believed that Anniston’s account has now surpassed this, but this is yet to be officially verified.

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