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Talk Social: 22 February, 2022 – Meta publishes report into evolving trends and Snapchat partners with Ticketmaster on new events map

Meta publishes report into evolving trends

Facebook, sorry Meta, has published a new cultural trends report – a 57-page overview of the latest, evolving conversation trend shifts, based on billions of online posts and comments from across its apps.

The report could be the most comprehensive of its type. Based on chatter among its more than 3 billion users, the report incorporates 15 months of conversation data, and 21 months of hashtag use, to identify rising trends and shifts. 

The report highlights a key topic and then breaks it down into sub-trends. For instance, one shift identified in the report is ‘expanded values’ and the relevant sub-trends include ‘global passion, local purchase’, ‘wellness’, and ‘planet positivity’. This could be highly valuable for brands as a planning document.

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Instagram shares an overview of how its feed ranking algorithm works

Looking to get a handle on the key factors that define your post reach on Instagram? The social media platform has published new insights into the various elements that it factors in when deciding how to rank feed posts, Stories, and Reels in each users’ feed.

Instagram notes there are thousands of factors that can play a part in determining where a post appears in a user’s feed including how popular a post is, the recipient user’s activity history and information on the user who posted it.

Brands hoping to find a magic formula to appear at the top of their followers’ feeds might be a little disappointed by the overview, however, there are some key takeaways companies can take from this. One is to always incentivise action – the more you can encourage an interaction the greater your priority will be for each user.

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Snapchat partners with Ticketmaster to launch events map

Snapchat has created a new way for its users to discover things to do in their area, with a new Snap Map feature, created in partnership with Ticketmaster, which will display all listed live events.

The Ticketmaster Snap Map Layer, which can be activated via the toggle at the top right of the map screen, will show all the Ticketmaster listed events nearby. Users will then be able to swipe through events, share them with their connections, or even buy tickets in-stream.

This is an exciting use of Snapchat’s Map Layers, which it launched last November, and points to a range of other branded Map Layers that could follow. 

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YouTube continues to push Shorts with a new display element

YouTube’s focus around its TikTok rival feature Shorts continues with a new addition on the desktop display element that showcases Shorts clips within the main home page.

YouTube recently reported that Shorts clips have cumulatively amassed over 5 trillion views thus far, and with Shorts gaining traction in India in particular, it makes sense for YouTube to lean into the format where it can, and help its creators boost their channel performance via the format.

YouTube’s revenue-generation processes for its influencers are more established than those on TikTok. By forefronting Shorts and integrating them further within the main app, YouTube will be hoping to make Shorts a more attractive proposition to top video influencers.

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Twitter is working on a ‘Leave this conversation’ button

Have you ever found yourself at the top of a long Twitter discussion thread? Things started innocuous enough when you first commented but as things get a bit heated, your mentions and notifications start to get out of hand. Thankfully, Twitter appears to be adding a “leave this conversation” button that could make for a handy ejector seat for when things begin to spiral.

The feature, which is currently in development, will untag the user’s handle from the conversation, turning all @ notifications into regular text, thus preventing future notifications coming from the thread.

There is no information from Twitter at this stage on when the feature will be coming to users’ feeds. For now though, it shows the platform is aware of the current flaws in its notification system and is looking for ways it can be improved upon.

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