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Talk Social: 21 September, 2021 – LinkedIn launches $25 million creator fund

LinkedIn launches $25 million creator fund

LinkedIn has announced it is launching a $25 million creator fund to bring more creators to its platform. As with similar initiatives from TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat, the fund will pay out rewards to users creating original content for the platform.

The fund is part of a bigger focus to build out a platform for creating content. This includes building new tools and acquiring companies like Jumprope – a platform devised to make “how-to” videos – earlier this year. 

LinkedIn posts tend to be more focused on professional-driven business content or “serious” topics. With these new developments, LinkedIn wants to encourage more dynamic and lively interactions to get more people talking and spending time on its platform.

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Facebook and YouTube lead the way as key sources of news content

A new report from Pew Research has revealed how people are accessing news content and the role social media plays in consumption. 

The data, which was sourced from a survey of 11,178 people across the US, revealed 48 per cent of people get news “often” or “sometimes” from social media. Facebook leads the way as the key new source with 31 per cent regularly using the platform for news, followed by 22 per cent using YouTube. 

Twitter was third with 13 per cent of users regularly getting their news from the platform. However, although it is used by fewer people than Facebook or Instagram, the people that do use Twitter are, in general, more attuned to the news cycle, which means, conversations that begin on Twitter often spread to other platforms.

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LinkedIn pages can now publish long-form content

LinkedIn users have long been able to publish longer content from their personal accounts, while business pages, on the other hand, have been restricted by a 700 character count. Now, with LinkedIn’s Articles For Pages feature, that is no longer the case. 

Companies can now compose and publish updates of any length. This is perfect for businesses that want to provide users with blog-style content without making them click through to external sites.

At the same time, the social media company has also announced Linkedin Live Events that allows pages to promote a livestream in advance to a targeted audience and notify registrants when the event goes live.

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Facebook announces new business connection tools

Facebook has announced a raft of new tools to help businesses establish more direct connections with prospective customers, including new click-to-message ad options and a WhatsApp click-to-chat button for Instagram business profiles.

When an advertiser creates a message ad, Facebook’s new click-to-message ad option will automatically detect the messaging platform used most often by the individual user and then prompt them to message the brand on that service.

Facebook will also now enable businesses to add a WhatsApp click-to-chat button to their Instagram profile. That could help businesses that primarily focus on WhatsApp to maximize exposure and connection.

Both features could be worth some consideration for marketing efforts ahead of the festive shopping season.

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Reddit launches first UK brand campaign

Reddit has launched its first brand marketing campaign in the UK, showcasing some of the communities that people can be a part of on the platform.

The ‘Maybe Together We’ll’ campaign shares some of the subreddits and content people can find on the platform. In addition to running across social media and TV, the campaign will appear in physical form across London, with  locations including 26 tube stations to maximise reach.

Reddit has also appointed new General Manager, Laurelle Potter, who joins from Tinder, where she served as Marketing Director. She will be tasked with setting the strategic direction of Reddit in the UK, focusing on continuing to build out Reddit’s local communities and user base, and helping to scale the platform’s ads business.

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