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Talk Social: 21 January, 2020

Google Chrome plans to crumble the cookie

Google last week announced plans to follow its competitors Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari by removing third party cookies from its web browser Chrome by 2022.

Third-party cookies are little pieces of code used by advertisers to track what you do online so they can serve you targeted ads based on where you’ve previously visited.

The removal of this tracking will likely have huge implications for online advertisers. Google has said the phasing out could take longer than two years and is considering consulting with leading publishers and advertisers. 

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Instagram to remove the IGTV button from home feed

Instagram has removed that IGTV button that’s been sitting in the upper corner of its app, after acknowledging users hardly ever press it.

IGTV is Instagram‘s answer to YouTube, an internal platform for longer-form videos than the base app previously allowed for. It launched in June 2018 to great fanfare, but has failed to take off as Instagram hoped.

However, IGTV isn’t going away. You will still be able to find links to IGTV videos in user profiles, specific videos, and via the Explore tab.

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Facebook backs off plans to bring ads to WhatsApp

Facebook is reportedly reversing course on its plans to insert ads into messaging service WhatsApp.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook has disbanded its team established to find the best ways to integrate ads into the platform and is re-thinking it’s approach to WhatsApp as an ad revenue-generating tool.

Instead, Facebook will likely focus efforts on WhatsApp Pay, it’s eCommerce platform which it plans to bring to market in India and Indonesia. 

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LinkedIn adds three new features

LinkedIn pages are gaining three new features designed to facilitate more community engagement and form stronger relationships with followers.

‘Invite to follow’ will give page managers the ability to invite first-degree profile connections to follow their page.

The app has also reinstated ‘LinkedIn Live’ which will allow pages to broadcast live streams.

The third update will see users able to toggle between posting as a page or a member, meaning both personal and page updates can be published from the same place.

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Twitter confirms that it is not adding an edit tweet option

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has confirmed that the platform has no plans to bring out an edit tweet button, and likely never will be.

Speculation around an upcoming edit option was first ignited in December 2016 when Dorsey tweeted a form of editing was “def needed”. Jack again suggested Twitter could introduce the feature at the end of last year in an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast last year.

However, his latest statements in an interview with Wired appear to have poured cold water on the idea. Grammatical errors and typos in tweets look set to be a mainstay of the app for the foreseeable future.

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