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Talk Social: 21 February, 2017

Pirates to be sunk by search giants


Google and Microsoft have agreed to join forces in a search-led fight against online piracy.

The search giants will demote pirate sites off page one in search results and not offer auto-complete suggestions that point to pirate sites after discussions with the UK government.

This is in response to the massive spike in sites streaming films, live sport and offering illegal music downloads.

The government knows they cannot ‘shut down’ the pirates – when one site is closed, another simply re-appears in its place. However, by using the power of search to suppress results for illegal sites, the government stands a much better chance of winning the fight against piracy that is threatening the creative industries in particular.

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Snapchat ads ‘ignored’ by young users


Brands keen to reach younger audiences are frequently being urged to look at ways of getting on Snapchat.

However, new data on how these teen and early 20-somethings are actually using the social platform may make them think again.

Research of 3,200 users of the app by Fluent has shown that seven out of 10 users skip adverts ‘always’ or ‘often’, with that number jumping to 80 per cent among 18-24 year olds.

Also, nearly two thirds of users (61 per cent) surveyed do not follow any news organisations. Looks like it might just be for silly selfies and filters at the moment, after all…

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Twitter makes live video a trending topic


Twitter is attempting to consolidate its status as the ‘go to’ place for live events with the promotion of live Periscope broadcasts into its ‘top trends’ section.

The twitter owned live streaming app is in a battle with Facebook live, Instagram and YouTube to become the platform of choice for live streams of events big and small.

Now twitter is integrating Periscope content into its platform, under the top trends section in the Explore tab. Live video streams will be marked with a bright red ‘LIVE’ label.

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Facebook engagement rates plummet


Organic reach continues to shrink for brands using Facebook as a means of communicating with their consumers.

Research by Locowise has revealed that while page likes grew in January (by 0.13 per cent), reach is now just at 8.9 per cent of a page’s total audience (down nine and a half per cent month-on-month).

Most worryingly, engagement with organic posts is 4.3 per cent of the audience reached, a fall of 2.7 per cent on the previous month.

Status updates reach an average of five per cent of the audience organically, photos reach 10 per cent and videos average a 12 per cent reach organically.

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Big noise over FB videos


Meanwhile, Facebook users are making a big noise over the social platform deciding to switch sound ON by default on video clips.

Facebook’s own research last year revealed that four in five users react negatively to a video autoplaying with sound. This number increases when the user is on a mobile device.

However, despite those overwhelming stats, Facebook has decided it’s worth the risk and autoplay now comes with sound across all devices. Users can disable this by having their devices on silent mode or by switching off sound in their settings.

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