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Talk Social: 21 August 2018

Facebook begins rollout of Story Ads

14 month after launching Facebook Stories, Facebook has announced it has reached 150 million daily active users on the feature. With the news, the company has revealed it is now allowing its advertisers to begin placing ads within the Stories feed.

The early roll-out of ads will consist of skippable videos, between five and 15 seconds, without any calls to action or click-through capabilities. However, Facebook does plan to add these features in the upcoming months.

Advertisers will easily be able to extend their Instagram Stories for placement on Facebook Stories or reformat their news feed ads to appear within the Stories feed.

The new ads have rolled out across the United States, Mexico and Brazil but are expected to be available in Europe soon.

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Celebs who plug products by stealth face inquiry

Hundreds of celebrity influencers are under the spotlight over social media posts which are suspected to be ‘hidden adverts’ for products.

The Competition and Markets Authority say they have found evidence that many famous figures are covertly endorsing products and services through their social media, without declaring they are being paid to do so. This approach potentially misleads their followers into thinking that their recommendations are genuine.

A number of celebrities, including Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding and Cara Delevingne, have all previously made posts suspected to be in breach of advertising standards.

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YouTube pays its top influencers to promote new features

YouTube wants to prove that it is more than just an advertising service and is upping its efforts to promote its paid-for services.

The Google-owned company is paying its top creators to use and promote new features, including its enhanced Super Chat, monthly subscription service, and merchandising program. The contracts, which are worth from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds, don’t require the creators to post only on YouTube, but do prohibit them from posting on competitors sites such as Twitch.

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Facebook plans to make its videos more interactive

Facebook has acquired the seven-person team, Vidpresso, and the technology behind their interactive videos.

This is the latest move in its race against Twitch, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter, to make videos an interactive experience with live polling, comments, and responsive graphics.

In an announcement on its website, Vidpresso state it ‘offer[s] a simple way for creators, publishers, and broadcasters to use social media in live video at a high quality level,’ and joining Facebook allows them to ‘build tools for everyone to create interactive live video experiences.’

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Twitter cracks down on bad eggs

Twitter has launched a fresh purge aimed at removing users who have previously been banned from the social network.

The company says it is focussing its attention on removing users who have been previously suspended on the platform for abusive behaviour and attempted to evade repercussions by setting up a new account.

This follows months of continued efforts from Twitter to remove fake accounts and bots. Last month it was revealed 70 million accounts were deleted amounting to 20% of its monthly active users.

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