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Talk Social: 20 September, 2016

YouTube goes social

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YouTube has moved into social networking with the launch of YouTube Community.

The feature allows users to use text, GIFS and images, helping keep YouTubers on the platform, rather than leaving to a competitor.

Viewers will be able to leave thumbs up and thumbs down responses, as well as commenting. At the moment, the ‘Community’ tab on channels is available in a test mode, but is expected to be rolled out across YouTube soon.

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Customer service made easier on twitter

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A new twitter feature is planned to make it easier for brands and customers to interact.

As twitter is used by more brands as a customer service channel, the social platform wants to smooth the way to better experiences.

Now if a user searches for a brand account or tags a brand in a tweet, a button with ‘provides support’ will indicate that they can start a direct conversation with the brand in question.

The biggest advantage of this will be felt by brands with separate customer help twitter channels, allowing users to be directed to someone who can help them quickly.

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WhatsApp goes snap happy

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WhatsApp is trying out new changes that will make the messaging service feel more like Snapchat.

It is testing a feature to allow users to draw on images, add text to images or stickers.

Additionally, to encourage more selfies, it is copying Snapchat by introducing a front flash to illuminate faces in darker spaces and a one finger zoom option – crucial when holding your phone in one hand while posing.

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Up, Periscope


Periscope has updated its live stream app, adding a host of new features to keep up with competition from Facebook Live.

The most noticeable is a new feature that will let live streamers know who, of the people they follow, is watching.

Also, Periscope is allowing Apple users to connect the app to iMessage and send Periscope ‘hearts’ in texts.

The increased features also come in tandem with improved content discovery, allowing users to filter between suggested content, similar content and live content.

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Is Google out of the picture?

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.49.25

A Google search is now 50 per cent less likely to return any image options, according to industry experts.

Tracking tool Moz has shown how the amount of searches returning images has dropped from 30 per cent to just 15 per cent.

However, Google has not confirmed if this is a deliberate change – or just a bug.

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