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Talk Social: 20 November, 2018

Shopping is getting even easier on Insta


Instagram is ramping up its social shopping options ahead of Christmas by letting users shop direct from videos that they see in their feeds.

There is also a new ‘shopping collection’ area now in saved posts, where items that people like can be viewed later. This has the look and feel of an online store, except it only contains items already liked by the user.

Instagram is creating these options – plus letting business profiles be ‘shopped’ quicker and more easily – to give a full shopping experience to users. Three in five people now discover products for the first time via Instagram, with more than one third purchasing straight from the app on their smartphones.

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Shop & Cop new channel launches on Snapchat


Snapchat is also launching a dedicated shopping channel, in the Discover section of the app, called ‘Shop & Cop’.

Deals and brands that feature there are curated by the social platform, with the focus being on short-term offers that you need to act fast to take advantage of.

Snapchat is also encouraging users to subscribe to this channel, in order to be in the know about new offers and deals.

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More than half of product searches online are now on Amazon


Amazon is now the third biggest digital advertising powerhouse, behind Google and Facebook, with revenues from search advertising predicted to break through $10billion in the next year.

According to Bloomberg, more than half (54 per cent) of product searches across the entire internet now occur on Amazon.

As a result, advertising is rocketing, with clicks on sponsored search results now running at seven per cent.

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LinkedIn sees sharp spike in engagement

More professionals are spending more time on LinkedIn, according to new research.

Session times are up more than one third on average and revenues on the professional social platform are also up by one third.

The engagement is key to brands wondering whether to increase their presence and encourage more posts on LinkedIn.

The number of likes, comments and shares is increasing more than 50 per cent against 2017.

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Facebook moves to stop sensationalist posts getting exposure


Sensationalist posts on Facebook are being denied mass exposure with a new change to the social platform’s algorithm.

WIth Facebook now having a clear ‘line’ about what is and isn’t acceptable content in the wake of the fake news scandal, many brands and individuals are pushing content close to that line in order to stoke controversy and be provocative.

This loophole is being closed though, as Facebook insists it is cleaning up its act.

From now on, posts that are deemed to have been deliberately created in order to cause offence or be controversial will see their reach decline the closer they get to Facebook’s ‘line’.

The one issue Facebook hasn’t answered yet though is the question of engagement as provocative posts that trigger an emotional response are still the ones that are most shared and talked about.

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