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Talk Social: 20 January, 2015

Google enters a new domain

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Would getting your domain name from Google boost your brand’s place in search rankings?

Google Domains is the latest offering from the internet giant, as it tries to take ownership of this part of getting set-up online away from the likes of GoDaddy.

Getting your domain from Google will mean free private registration, free email forwarding to your Gmail inbox, free domain forwarding, support for up to 100 sub-domains, and support for the growing number of new domain endings (like .guru and .club) that are now emerging. Users will also be able to browse website templates on Google Domains.

Bloggers are also being targeted with instant connection to their Blogger blog for a new domain name.

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Now you don’t have to take your gloves off to pay


The continued cold weather has seen Barclaycard extend its trial of a new form of wearable tech first trialled in the run-up to Christmas.

Contactless gloves embedded with a contactless payment chip make payments even faster.

Customers of the high street bank indicated they preferred gloves to rings or bracelets as a non-card method of payment.

The trial pre-Christmas saw 300,000 retailers participate and the data is being used to inform the development of future wearable tech. Major banks and card payment providers are increasingly looking beyond Chip and PIN as they look to keep pace with Apple Pay and Square that offer mobile payments.

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Get more LinkedIn with your co-workers


With the arrival of Facebook At Work threatening its position as the business networking tool of choice, LinkedIn has revealed its first response.

The company is developing two products that can bring employers, employees and colleagues closer together.

The first allows users to send messages within the platform to co-workers, even if they aren’t already connected. It would also allow users to upload contact information that can be seen by those within the same organisation.

The second allows the admins of a company account to send content to groups of relevant employees. This type of micro content sharing would be useful if a group was working together on a project or needed to communicate a message to their clients and customers.

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Fancy a bit of Facebook’s intelligence?


Facebook is to gift part of its artificial intelligence (AI) tools into the public domain.

The products are to be donated to Torch, an open source data analysis software project.

Torch is currently used by companies including Google, Microsoft and Twitter to guess at the probable contents of an image, or to help decide which ads to run online.

The new Facebook products include algorithms to go through large amounts of data, which will now be freely available to developers.

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Still space for Myspace


It seems myspace still has a purpose.

The forgotten social network has revealed it is attracting more than 50million unique users a month – mostly to find old photos to use on Facebook and Instagram for #tbt (we don’t need to tell you that’s Throwback Thursday, right?).

Traffic peaks on a Thursday as users hop across to remember how they used to look and behave back in the day.

While the figures are tiny in comparison to FB and twitter, this still sizeable audience of young adults between the ages of 17 and 25 could still be valuable and keep the platform going.

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