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Talk Social: 20 February, 2018

Facebook introduces list posts


In its latest attempt to encourage users to post more personal content to the social platform, Facebook has introduced a brand new type of post. The status updates box will now include the option to let users post lists – for example places they want to visit, their daily to-do list, or new year’s resolutions.

The goal is to encourage users to share more personal updates and engage with their friends’ posts. This comes weeks after Facebook updated its algorithm to promote friends’ posts over unsponsored commercial content. The data collected from these more personal ads could potentially be used to help the company sell more ads.

The new feature is currently only available on the Android version of the app, but is expected to roll out across IOS soon.

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Snapchat responds to backlash over platform redesign


More than 1.2million people have signed a petition asking Snapchat to scrap its new redesign. Before the 2018 update, the social media app featured content from friends, publishers and celebrities on a single feed. Now the app features separate pages for each, leaving some users complaining they feel like the celebrities they follow are ‘no longer their actual friends’.

The company has responded to criticisms, saying that many of the complaints validate its philosophy behind the change in design, highlighting that content from celebrities shouldn’t be mixed with snaps, stories, and direct messages from people you actually know.

Some users have discovered a work around which allows you to revert back to the old version off the app. However security experts have advised that this could leave people vulnerable to cyber criminals.

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Amazon Alexa does board games


Games night just got slightly more interesting.

When In Rome made by games manufacturer Sensible Objects is the first board game to incorporate Amazon Alexa.

Through your Amazon Echo device Alexa will teach you the rules, keep track of the score and guide you through the game.

The board game is played on a world map and as you work your way around each city Alexa will ask you questions about each city’s weather, customs, food, culture, and more.

Like most board games points are earned by answering questions correctly and the player with the most points at the end wins.

The game also features action cards such as ‘Trash Talk’ which when read will result in Alexa humorously insulting other players.

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Pinterest profile presentation makeover


Pinterest has made a number of new changes which will allow users to enhance profile presentation and personalise their experience.

The first change enables users to archive old Pinterest boards and remove them from public sight on the social platform. The archived boards will still be visible in a new section at the bottom of your profile where you can also share these boards with friends and family.

Not only will this change enable users to declutter their profiles it will also mean future recommendations made by Pinterest will be more relevant to the users focus at the time.

For example if you archive your ‘wedding day board’ you will be less likely to see recommendations for dresses, bouquets and other related ideas.

The next new options both involved the ability to rearrange and reorder pins/ sections to improve profile presentation. These changes will also allow users to create a more personalised experience as the order of pins/ sections will inform Pinterest which recommendations are likely to be most relevant to you.

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News UK runs Facebook ads… without Facebook


News UK is encouraging advertisers to run Facebook ads on news websites like The Sun and The Times rather than via the social network.

Through its own tool, News UK is offering advertisers the chance to upload creative assets usually used on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to their own dashboard where the an exact replica of a social ad will be created.

The ads created in the tool can then be placed on the top slot of The Times website, for example. The brand’s digital properties mean up to 80 million impressions are available through the tool. People can also like or follow the posts as they show on the sites.

As Facebook continues to change its algorithm, Ben Walmsley, News UK’s digital commercial director, believes they offer a competitive option.

“We’re at this juncture with Facebook where brands and publishers have built up large audiences, which are suddenly getting harder to reach because Facebook is aggressively turning the dial against them,”he says. “That’s [the constant algorithm changes] not sitting well with clients or publishers, and we want to offer an alternative, differentiated channel.”

Although it is an interesting alternative, the platform still doesn’t offer the level of detailed targeting available in Facebook.

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