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Talk Social: 2 June, 2015

Now your accent will alter search results


An Englishman, a Welshman and a Scotsman did an internet search…

Sounds like the set up for a joke, but Google is deadly serious about developing voice search technology that serves up results determined by your accent.

The search giant has patented a system that will predict preferences for restaurants, bars, places and movies based on the way someone speaks.

The accent search will offer results based on data left by people with similar accents to you, including online reviews and most-clicked search results.

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Periscope serves up 10 years of content a day


Live video streaming app Periscope has only been going for eight weeks – but has already posted 380 YEARS of content.

The astonishing figure shows the extent to which the twitter owned app has been adopted by everyone, from major brands and media outlets to celebrities.

The latest industry to see the benefits of Periscope are estate agents, many of whom are now streaming live ‘open house’ events to interested potential house buyers. Viewers can ask the home owner questions during the room to room tour.

However, what the new figures do not show is who exactly is watching Periscope’s avalanche of content. It is this that makes it still very much a ‘wait and see’ platform for many brands.

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Rewards for brands with Bink


A simple new way for brands to gather fresh market insight has come in the form of app Bink.

Consumers downloading the app earn rewards by taking photos of company logos wherever they see them – such as on a billboard or shop window. Once uploaded to the app, the smartphone owner gets a discount code or promotional offer, while the brand gains insights into the penetration of its marketing efforts and the movements of potential customers.

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New Pinterest style shopping on Amazon


Amazon has launched a new product based shopping service, based on Pinterest pinboards, called Stream.

A new series of pages, featuring clothes, home furnishings and household utilities, is now on the site’s US version.

All products shown are sponsored, although at present there are no seller ratings or information. All that is shown is the product and a price and items can be saved to a user’s Amazon wishlist.

The service is bound to be improved as it gains an audience and could offer a new outlet for e-commerce retailers.

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Google trials touchscreen clothes


Google has teamed up with Levi’s for a revolutionary wearable tech development called Project Jacquard.

The hybrid of fashion and technology is weaving smart fabric into items such as jeans and jackets that are sensitive to hand gestures or touches. These in turn will be interpreted by a smartphone or watch as a command to take a phone call, start a car engine or could allow the wearer to pass through an underground ticket barrier.

At Google’s latest conference in San Francisco, examples were given where touches and swipes on clothing were used to control the brightness of lights in a room. The Jacquard smart stitching can either be woven into the entire textile or placed prominently in one position to act as a ‘button’.

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