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Talk Social: 2 July, 2019

LinkedIn outlines its latest algorithm update

LinkedIn has outlined some of the specific changes to its feed distribution algorithm that are designed to boost engagement levels on the channel.

The update is designed to address complaints that its original algorithm was weighted towards only the top users on the platform and less influential followers struggled to gain impressions.

This is potentially good news for less established users looking to grow their presence.

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Instagram adds ad placement to its Explore section

A month after Instagram updating its Explore section with a new layout and features, the company has opened it up to ad placement.

Advertisers can now indicate if they want their sponsored posts to appear in the Explore section by selecting it as an extension of the Facebook or Instagram campaigns. Currently, the ads will appear lower down the Explore feed after the user has scrolled down.

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Twitter tests out another desktop redesign

Twitter announced in January 2019 it would be completely redesigning its desktop interface. But more than six months on this has yet to materialise. Instead, Twitter has rolled out several small tweaks and tests in different areas. 

With the latest tweak, some users have reported seeing the trends section has moved to the right and the navigation has moved to the right of the desktop interface.

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Head of Instagram lays out his vision for the platform

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has outlined his vision for the platform in a recent interview with the Financial Times. 

Mosseri explained that he hoped to turn Instagram into a shopping platform joining the dots between merchants, shoppers and influencers.

These plans expand on recent initiatives such as shoppable posts linking to retailer websites, with features like in-app checkout and shopping bags where users can store potential purchases while browsing the app.

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‘LinkedIn for women’ – Girlboss CEO launches a new platform

Girlboss CEO and Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso launched her latest venture – a professional platform specifically for women.

The platform, called Girlboss, is designed as a space where female entrepreneurs and business people can “ask questions, exchange ideas, and connect with each other”.

Users can sign up for early access on its beta version now.

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