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Talk Social: 19th October, 2021 – Facebook plans to create 10,000 new jobs

Facebook plans to create 10,000 new job roles in the EU

Facebook has been incredibly vocal in recent months about its desire to become a dominant force in the metaverse sphere, and has announced plans to create 10,000 high-skilled jobs in the EU over the next five years to help bring it to life.

The ‘metaverse’ is an online world where people can work, game and communicate using VR headsets. The initiative is one of Facebook’s key strategies to evolve the platform into an online world where users can interact more deeply on a personal level with friends and family and within more formal business environments, too. 

The company has invested £36.3m into non-profit groups to help build the metaverse responsibly. However, with other tech giants including Microsoft, Roblox and Epic investing in their own virtual reality environments, the race is on to see which platform will win the hearts and minds of online audiences. 

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Twitter launches ticketed Spaces on Android 

Since the announcement of the audio communications platform, Clubhouse, Twitter has been keen to develop its prominence in this arena through Spaces. This feature allows live audio conversations to happen in an authentic and unfiltered way – enabling content creators to speak to small, intimate groups or millions of listeners worldwide. 

In an attempt to set itself apart from its competitors, Twitter announced that it was launching Ticketed Spaces to selected iOS users in the US. Providing another monetisation option in the app has proved popular and Twitter has now announced they will roll this feature out to all iSO and Android users. 

Ticketed Spaces enable hosts to set a ticket price for their broadcasts, with 97 per cent of the revenue generated going back to the creator. The percentage rate will drop to 80 per cent when a creator’s total earnings reach $50,000. This expansion could help Twitter retain some of its best audio talent, and ensure creators favour Twitter over competitor platforms. 

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Facebook adds new shipping options to encourage more in-app purchases 

Facebook has once again evolved its on-platform shopping tools on Marketplace to facilitate even more eCommerce activity within the app. The latest update has been rolled out to UK users and will enable sellers to add an estimated shipping cost to their listing. 

With one billion Facebook users now browsing Marketplace listings every month, the shipping edit is designed to help sellers broaden their audience of potential buyers and sell even more products to people browsing the platform. 

The update will also enable browsers to filter searches based on shipping options – making it easier for shoppers to find the best option for them and aid discovery of new listings and sellers both locally and internationally.

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Could the future of podcasting give audiences a voice? 

Podcasting has always been a one-way street of sorts – the host talks and the audience listens. But could the future of podcasting become more interactive and make audiences a key part of the unfolding narrative? 

Spotify is offering podcasters the opportunity to include interactive elements, like polls, to spark conversations in the app, rather than move to more traditional conversation apps like Facebook and Twitter. 

Spotify is giving all anchor creators the ability to make polls and Q&As and is testing interactive ads, too. This means people can interact with content where they’re listening to it, which could transform content development for podcast creators and help to create deeper, more authentic connections with audiences. 

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YouTube adds new caption options, including the expansion of live streams

To ensure full accessibility of content and to help users find exactly what they’re looking for, YouTube has announced that they will be updating its video captioning tools, including an update that now provides automatic English language captions for live-streams available to all creators.

Up until now, automatic captions have only been available to channels with 1,000 subscribers, but the move will help creators expand audience reach and improve channel growth sooner. 

What’s more, YouTube is also making video transcripts searchable, enabling viewers to find specific segments of video clips based on the caption text. Currently available on desktop, with users able to translate captions tracks into other languages, YouTube has confirmed it will expand subtitle translation options to mobile in the near future.

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