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Talk Social: 19 August, 2015

Blog on to Facebook


Facebook’s relentless drive for internet domination has continued with a relaunch of its blogging tool, Notes.

Notes features clean design, large images and the ability to create large cover images, similar to a Facebook profile. It is hoped this will attract brands and high-profile bloggers to make use of the system.

The other main draw will be Facebook’s distribution and audience. Having already got into web publishing, news and video hosting, blogging is the next target for the social network.

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Breaking news: FB building news app


With the news this week that more people now get their news from Facebook than Google, the timing is perfect for Facebook to build a mobile app that sends breaking news alerts direct to users’ phones.

The app will ask users to choose the publications they want to receive stories from and topics they want to receive news about. When news breaks that’s relevant to that user, they will receive a notification about it.

Twitter has started testing a breaking news tab on its mobile app, however Facebook’s app is still in the early stages, with no release date known.

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Hangouts website launched


Google has given its video and messaging feature Hangouts its own website.

This will enable users to access video calls, voice calls and messages even when Gmail isn’t open.

The site – hangouts.google.com – doesn’t replace the hangouts feature on Gmail, Google + or Chrome extension.

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New look for Skype business calls


Skype’s business app has had an overhaul to give it more appeal to small businesses.

The new design uses larger video screens, larger buttons, has the ability to navigate between video and content, check upcoming appointments and refer back to recent conversations.

You can search for contacts right from the dashboard by first name, last name, alias or phone numbers, and on iOS your phone contacts are automatically included in search as well.

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Vloggers told to label sponsored content


Guidelines have been issued for vloggers who work with brands to promote products.

The Committee of Advertising Practice encourages vloggers to label content as ‘advertising’ and explain to viewers that they have been asked to feature or review the product in question by the company who makes it. Viewers should be made aware of this before they begin watching, via the title of the video.

This will be applicable whenever a piece of editorial content is controlled by a brand in exchange for payment, whether the payment is money or a free product.

However, if items are sent to vloggers without any editorial control, there is no need to follow this code of conduct.

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