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Talk Social: 18 July, 2017

KabaQ dishes up AR menu experience 


The days of social food envy in a restaurant – when one person at your table gets the best looking dish – could be a thing of the past thanks to the arrival of a new augmented reality application.

KabaQ lets those ordering in a restaurant – or online – see the dish they are choosing, on a plate and ready to eat.

Those with dietary requirements or who need to know the size of the dish can also see ingredients and portion size alongside the 360-degree image.

Beyond diners, the application is also exploring options to bring cookbooks ‘to life’ for readers and also to let those about to buy a kitchen gadget see the possibilities for what they can make.

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Display ads now in FB Messenger chats


After building its audience to a staggering 1.2billion users per month, Facebook is starting to monetise its Messenger app.

Rolling out later this month as a global ‘experiment’ (ie permanent fixture unless there is substantial backlash) display advertising will be placed in the middle of conversations on the social network’s spin-off app.

What the ads are and where in a chat they will appear will be decided by algorithm, dependent on how long a chat thread is and the size of the screen involved.

Facebook insists that ad targeting will not be based upon what people are writing in their chats, but based on current existing Facebook targeting demographics.

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Facebook gives the gift of GIFs


Sticking with Facebook rolling out new features, the social network is to begin testing a GIF maker in its camera tool.

It will let users shoot brief video snippets, which can then be used in GIF format on their FB news feed, Facebook Stories or photo gallery.

The enormous popularity of GIFs in social sharing has prompted Facebook to open up new ways to make, upload and share them. Last month, it rolled out a GIF button for all users in comments.

Facebook estimates that 13billion GIFs were sent across its main social site and Messenger platform in the past 12 months.

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Elton John buys into big data


Data-based trend predictor Qloo – which bills itself as a ‘cultural artificial intelligence data platform’ – is set for major expansion following a multi-million dollar funding boost from Elton John.

The platform, which has already had significant backing from Leonardo DiCaprio, has secured $6.5million from Sir Elton’s Rocket Entertainment brand.

Qloo works by pulling publicly available data and open source streams into predictions of consumer preferences and habits in order to inform brands looking for partnerships across sectors such as music, film, TV, books, fashion, dining and travel.

Its banks of data allows it to inform, for example, ahead of a major sporting event what interests are shared by fans of both teams, to allow for fully targeted advertising.

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New ways to schedule social posts from WordPress


WordPress has updated its social sharing functions to allow those posting content on its sites to schedule social posts.

The platform has facilitated social sharing for many years, with an option to automatically post on social channels when a new piece of content is published.

Now scheduling allows users to determine when and where content is posted on social channels, and will be available via WordPress’s Jetpack plug-in.

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