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Talk Social: 18 December, 2018

Top searches of 2018 revealed


Google has revealed its annual list of what people have been searching the internet for over the past 12 months.

Celebrities, high profile deaths, major events like the World Cup and the royal wedding all dominated. However, there are some interesting specifics that people have also been looking for.

In the aftermath of celeb deaths, searches for ‘how to be a good role model’ spiked, while the rise of cryptocurrency saw a massive increase in searches for ‘what is bitcoin’.

The full list is here

More people get news from social media than print


Social media has now overtaken print newspapers as a source of news for the first time.

While the news might still be coming from traditional news outlets – with The Guardian named this week as the most trusted source in the UK – it’s how people access the facts that has changed forever.

A new study by the Pew Research Center has revealed that social channels are now the fourth most popular way for news to be discovered, coming after TV, news websites and radio.

Combining all online sources – websites and social channels – pushes that form of discovering news almost to the same level as TV, which accounts for 49 per cent currently.

More here

Instagram starts hands free voice messaging


Voice messaging is now rolling out across Instagram direct messaging, allowing hands free messages.

The feature allows for short clips to be recorded that appear as sound waves within chats.

Instagram is the last of the major social networks to move into voice chat, following WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Facebook – which also owns Insta – is now building voice accessibility into all its platforms and products.

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Ads to appear in Facebook search


Facebook is looking at new places within its platform to introduce advertising, with the latest being ads within search results.

With ads in the news feed at maximum capacity for users, and no current plans to monetize Stories, Facebook needs to find new places its audience will accept and see advertising.

With search used by the overwhelming majority of those on the social network, it’s an obvious choice.

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3D printed faces can be used to unlock smartphones


The technology of 3D printing has moved on to such a stage now that in America, the FBI can now use it print suspects’ faces in order to access their smartphones.

The authorities must obtain a warrant to unlock a device, however where they have this, printing a replica of an individual’s face is n

The FBI currently has thousands of locked mobile devices they cannot access, which could contain valuable evidence. Fingerprints as well as faces are potential ways in to these.

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