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Talk Social: 17 October, 2017

Now Facebook develops 3D posts


Facebook has given a glimpse into the future of social with a preview of 3D posts.

The social media giant is developing a way for users – and brands – to post on their news feed images that can be looked at from all angles, grabbed and spun around.

The tech uses Oculus, the virtual reality platform Facebook owns, but users with no Oculus headset will still be able to see the completed 3D figures created and posted on the main Facebook news feed.

The news was announced at a tech conference in the US and no date has been announced yet for its official release.

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Twitter shows users what’s happening now


Always seeking new ways to be the place to come for live events, twitter has added a ‘happening now’ section to its news feed.

This gives users a glimpse at some of the top news that is live – from politics to weather to sport – based on their own tastes.

Users are able to dismiss events as irrelevant to them or suggest new events they would like to see in the section.

It’s clear twitter is fighting hard to maintain its position as social media’s ‘live’ place, in the face of strong competition from Facebook and Instagram.

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Snapchat starts to provide more context 


Users of Snapchat will now be able to get wider information from an image with the introduction of context cards.

These are accessed via an upwards swipe on an image and provide detail of location, if the snap shows an event, where it’s happening and when, and also allows users to book an Uber to take them there, or if it’s a restaurant, to book a table there.

This opens up new possibilities for brands to get calls to action straight to Snapchat users, however there will be checks in place to prevent marketers over-running it. The feature will only be available on snaps that use venue-specific geofilters or any snap submitted to the public ‘our story’ feed.

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Would you put your CV on Facebook?


Fresh from the official roll out of of its Workplace version, Facebook now appears to be letting users upload CVs to their profiles, placing them firmly in competition with LinkedIn.

While there is no official confirmation of this yet from Facebook, the social platform has been trying for some time to be a professional as well as personal ‘go to’ space.

However, given the amount of personal content users upload to Facebook, any attempt at making it a place where potential employers would be directed to look at a new recruit seems a way off just yet.

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Millennials are not as tech obsessed as first thought, new study reveals


Another Millennials study has surfaced, to shine more light on the habits and tastes of this elusive, hard to reach demographic.

A study of 16-34 year olds from 94 countries, with more than 130,000 responses, has revealed more than two thirds see more value in dedicating their working lives to a start up than working for someone else; that 95 per cent value real life friends over the virtual equivalents on social networks and that two thirds would rather give up the right to post anything on social again than lose the right to vote in their country’s elections.

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