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Talk Social: 17 May, 2022 – Elon Musk places Twitter deal on hold and Snapchat unveils selfie drone

Elon Musk places Twitter deal on hold over fake account details

Elon Musk’s proposed $44 billion acquisition of Twitter took another surprise turn last Friday when the billionaire announced, via a tweet of course, that the deal was being placed on hold over concerns about the number of fake accounts on the platform.

Twitter claims just five per cent of its accounts are bots. However, it’s no surprise Elon might be a little sceptical, given that Twitter has been reporting this exact percentage of fake accounts since its initial public offering, back in 2013.

The tweet set a familiar spasm through the stock market as Wall Street feared that he might be seeking to renegotiate the deal or walk away entirely. Musk has tried to assuage concerns, tweeting he is still committed to the acquisition.

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TikTok launches interactive insight tool for brands

TikTok has launched a new, interactive insights platform, which features a range of filters for brands to discover key data points on their target markets. 

The platform includes a range of data filtering options, including location, demographic, industry, vertical, data, etc… Once the filters are selected, it provides key insights into that audience, such as how likely they are to use TikTok to discover new products.

With TikTok currently being the app of the moment, and on track to reach 1.5 billion users in 2022, many marketers are indeed looking for more ways to tap into trending discussions, and build a presence via TikTok clips. This information could help to guide a brand’s strategic approach, and inform choices. 

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Instagram tests a new TikTok copycat feature in Reels

Instagram is currently tweaking the design of the main Reels screen in the app, with users in India now seeing a new ‘Following’ tab alongside the main Reels feed that shows Reels content from users’ connections.

This mirrors TikTok’s ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ feed approach, with the algorithmically recommended clips in ‘For You’ enabling the app to showcase a much broader range of popular video clips.

This has been the key to TikTok’s success. With this new update, Meta will hope to strike a balance between facilitating content discovery, as well as social connections to make it a more sticky, communal experience.

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Snapchat unveils selfie drone

A flying camera designed to let users take the perfect selfie is the latest hardware release from Snap, the company best known for its photo-sharing app Snapchat.

Pixy, which the company describes a​​s a ‘free-flying sidekick’, operates on its own, taking video as it flies, which is then wirelessly transferred and saved in the app. At the end of the flight, it lands in the palm of your hand.

The drone has launched in the US and France where laws are more lenient on the use of drones, than in the UK.

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YouTube takes on Twitch with membership gifting feature

YouTube has launched gifted memberships in beta testing. This is YouTube’s take on Twitch’s subscriptions, which viewers can use to show financial support for creators and get access to certain perks including custom emojis. 

This is the latest in several of Twitch’s features YouTube has emulated to better compete with Amazon’s popular streaming service. Last July, YouTube added subscriber-only chats, VOD clips and polls – all of which were directly copied from Twitch.

But YouTube hasn’t only been competing on features — it’s also enticed some huge Twitch names, including DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Ludwig, and, in a deal announced just last week, Sykkuno, to stream exclusively on its platform.

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