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Talk Social: 16 March, 2021 – Facebook reveals new details of its AR Glasses

Facebook reveals new details of its AR Glasses

Facebook has revealed details of its upcoming augmented reality smartglasses and how they will be controlled through a soft wristband.

In a blog post, Facebook described details of the user interface. Through a ‘small movement of your finger’, the user would be able to play a podcast, while the glasses would automatically recommend a customer’s usual order when it detected them walking into a coffee shop.

Facebook is aware that the adoption of such AR devices won’t happen overnight. The blog also describes its 10-year vision for turning augmented reality into an everyday part of our lives.

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Twitch and Facebook Gaming exploded during the pandemic

New global figures show that, in terms of hours watched, both Twitch and Facebook gaming are up 80 per cent year on year. 

For Twitch, that translates to more than 1.8 billion hours of watch time in February. For Facebook Gaming, on the other hand, that equated to 400 million hours watched.

Undoubtedly, this sharp growth reflects the user’s change in circumstances over the pandemic. It will be interesting to see how the global vaccine roll-out impacts these figures over the coming year.

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Clubhouse accelerates growth plans with a new creator program and marketing hires

Despite still being an invite-only app, the sudden growth of Clubhouse has seen it accelerate its growth plans.

This includes a new Creator First program, which will see the app provide financial support and expertise to a selected group of creators, with a view to helping them build their audience, and ultimately monetize their Clubhouse efforts.

Also, the company has hired Maya Watson from Netflix, where she served as director of social media and editorial and publishing, as their new head of global marketing.

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Twitter testing new ‘Undo’ option for sent tweets

By far the most requested feature on Twitter is the ‘Edit’ option so users can correct their annoying grammatical errors. Repeatedly, Twitter has said it’s not going to happen but there have been signs of a potential compromise.

We now know that Twitter has been quietly working on an ‘Undo Send’ button for tweets. This would give users the ability to recall a tweet within a five-second window, which could be enough time to quickly read over a tweet and catch any clumsy errors before it’s made public.

The feature won’t please all of the committed, tweet editing advocates but it could be a valuable tool in spotting typos as well as giving users a moment of clarity to reconsider any controversial comments.

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Instagram tests new auto-captions option for Instagram Stories

Instagram’s currently testing out a new ‘Closed Captions’ sticker for Stories, which automatically generates subtitles based on what it hears.

As seen in some initial tests, once a user adds the Captions sticker to their video clip, a ‘Transcribing audio…’ icon appears. After which users can view the text from their video, displayed in synchronicity with the audio.

Instagram hasn’t provided a timeline for a public release, but when it does it could prove to be a valuable tool for brands as manually uploading subtitles can often be a laborious task for video editors.

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