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Talk Social: 15 November, 2016

‘Social reviews’ now on Pinterest


Brands on Pinterest will be alerted by the introduction of a new feature that allows users to leave a checkmark against items they have tried.

Simpler than a comment, this new system will allow for happy or sad emojis, for instance, to be left against items, and which can quickly build into a solid peer recommendation of a product, recipe or item.

The feature has primarily been introduced to allow individual users to quickly find items they want to look at again. However, as with so much of social media, it has real potential to benefit brands.

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Different ways to tell your Insta Stories


Instagram is so pleased with its new Snapchat-style Stories feature that it keeps adding new elements to it.

Certified brands can now include a clickable URL on to posts – this ‘see more’ type feature will keep users within the app, but bounce them to a trackable landing page.

Instagram now also lets those posting Stories to tag other users in their posts and there is also a Boomerang feature, to incorporate the ‘photo burst’ mini video style into posts.

Just two months after launch, Stories is already boasting one million daily users.

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Why Instagram’s never ad it so good


Instagram is without doubt THE major social platform that brands are jumping on in terms of advertising spend.

New data released by the platform has revealed that ad revenues for 2016 are expected to hit $2billion – and almost treble to $5.5billion by 2018.

As it has only been serious about accepting adverts in its users feeds for just over a year, it is still considered young in comparison to Facebook, where advertising is now so saturated that the social network is calling a halt to any further expansion.

Interesting, post engagement and video views have now overtaken link clicks and website conversions as the key metrics brands are looking to measure in ad campaigns on Instagram, showing that it is the audience’s attention and approval they covet the most.

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Facebook aims for hire ground


We all know Facebook wants to conquer every corner of the internet, so its latest venture into job listings should come as no shock.

This development puts it in direct competition with LinkedIn – and actually puts it at an advantage, given that Facebook knows so much more about its users than LinkedIn.

Now in a test format, a ‘Jobs’ tab will let those recruiting advertise available jobs. Anyone applying will have their details auto filled out using the information that Facebook already knows about them.

Where FB will add extra value is through targeting of job roles to those who are most suited and likely to be most interested in them. With news, sport and now jobs taken care of in our feeds, Facebook truly is emerging as the daily newspaper for the 21st century.

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Prisma goes Live


Want your Facebook Live stream to stand out from all the others? The introduction of Prisma to Live streams might just clinch it.

The filter that transforms images into works of art is now available for live streams too, following its purchase by Facebook earlier this year.

Due to the technical demands of doing this, the feature is currently only available to iPhone 7 and 6 users. However, an Android version is coming soon.

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