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Talk Social: 14th December, 2021 – Facebook launches new live-streaming tools for influencers

Facebook launches new live-streaming tools for influencers

Facebook has revealed a raft of new live-streaming features to help influencers maximise their reach and engagement as we head into the festive break period. These include Featured Links, live-stream polls, guest chats, and more.

Featured Links is the biggest addition. This enables influencers to share multiple third-party website links within their live broadcasts. This has the potential to help generate more traffic to a sponsor’s website, and, with the rise of live-stream shopping, provide new opportunities to generate product sales.

Facebook is also enabling live-stream poll creation on mobile devices, which has up till now only been available via desktop creation. This will likely be a useful tool for users looking to engage their viewers and boost interaction from their community.

The impetus behind these new features is undoubtedly to win back younger audiences by first attracting the top influencers to their platform. Who influences the influencers, influences the universe.

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Twitter shares the top tweets and trends of 2021

Twitter has looked back on the past year and brought us an overview of the top tweets and trends, including the most liked tweets, the most retweeted comments, the most discussed TV shows and movies, most used emojis and more.

The most liked tweet of the year went to President Joe Biden who received 4 million likes for his “It’s a new day America” post. This was followed by Twitter’s own tweet “Hello literally everyone”, tweeted during Facebook’s outage in October.

The most talked about film was Black Panther that saw a resurgence in interest after the passing of actor Chadwick Boseman. Squid Games was beaten to the title of most talked about TV show by Big Brother Brasil that has a huge international following.

This snapshot provides an interesting perspective on what’s resonating with audiences right now. It also highlights Twitter’s expanding audience, with more internal trends creeping into the lists.

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Meta Launches Personalised Year in Review Features on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram have launched the ‘Year in Review’ feature for its users which allows them to reshare memories that they have posted on the platforms throughout the year.

In a similar style to Spotify wrapped, ‘Year in Review’ offers a nostalgic look back at your best moments in 2021. On Instagram, The function uses your Stories Archive to piece together the visual summary, and users are then able to select up to 10 Stories from their collection which they can share with their friends as a summary of their experience.

On Facebook, a new ‘Year Together’ option will highlight ‘friends, feelings, places, and people that you engaged with throughout 2021.

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Instagram Adds Reels Replies, Providing Another Way to Tap into Short-Form Video

Instagram has introduced a new way of testing the effectiveness of short-form video within the app by adding reels as a way of replying to comments on posts.

When you reply to a comment on a post, you’ll also have the option to tap on the blue Reels button to create a video reply, which will then appear as a sticker that you can send to the commenter.

It’s another way to help Instagram boost engagement, while also leaning into the short-form video trend. It’s also, unsurprisingly, almost identical to the same feature that TikTok added in June last year.

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Octi – an app that has NTFs, the metaverse, and digital coins

There’s a new social media platform and it blends everything that’s trending online right now. It’s got NFTs, the metaverse and digital coins, all in one app. Meet Octi, an augmented reality (AR) platform where you make videos with objects and scenes and earn digital ‘Octi’ coins.

Octi looks like any other social media platform with its TikTok-like feed and Snapchat’s AR features. In this app, you can earn Octi coins as more people like and engage with your videos. You can play around with objects and create videos in scenes like the Great Hall from Harry Potter.

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