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Talk Social: 14 October, 2015

Big moments now on twitter


Twitter has unveiled its biggest ever update – Moments, a button that allows you to follow what the world is saying about major live events, such as TV shows, sports clashes, news and other events.

When you click into a moment, you will see tweets, vines, videos and GIFS all in a single view. It is shareable outside of twitter and can be embedded on to a website.

The curated content gives twitter users the big picture about major events, not just from people they follow. It also opens more opportunities for brands to be involved in these big conversations.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US to begin with, so Nadia’s triumph in the Bake Off wouldn’t have been included. Ah well, there’s always next year.

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Google Adwords a better match than Facebook?


A new Google Adwords feature called Customer Match is being hailed as a more accurate profiler than Facebook’s hugely popular Custom Audiences.

In tests, Customer Match had a match rate of 50.4%, compared to Facebook’s 48.9% and Twitter’s 10.2%.

Advertisers can also double their reach by utilising the Similar Audience function that mirrors your uploaded audience with customers who share similar preferences.

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Digg starts a new dialog


Social news site Digg is trialling an online comments section that it believes will overhaul the much maligned news story comment section.

Digg Dialog aims to create conversations between the writers of articles and readers, rather than empty, negative or trolling comments.

It will be pre-moderated and be ‘live’ twice a week, giving readers an appointed time to interact, rather than leaving comment anonymously. Comments are the bane of most large news organisations lives, with many having to switch off comments on stories following excessive negativity or off-topic posts.

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Faster mobile internet is coming


Twitter, Buzzfeed and the BBC have all signed up to a new Google project promising speedier mobile page loading time.

Accelerated Mobile Pages promises to cut load time by up to 85% and speed up the mobile experience for users. Slow mobile page loading can cost publishers and Google money in terms of lost readers and advertising funds.

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What does the average online customer look like in 2015?


Research by Social Media Today has painted the picture of today’s connected customer and their behaviours.

73% of men who own smartphones don’t go an hour without checking them, while for women it’s 63%. Half of people check their phones just before they go to sleep and then straight away when they wake up.

A third of customers have used social media to complain about a company, while only 23% of people will applaud a product or brand they really like.

Trust is also key – 92% believe that information they find themselves online is authentic, while three quarters don’t believe that companies tell the truth in adverts.

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