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Talk Social: 14 May, 2019

Not App-y – Facebook co-founder urges Facebook to be broken apart

Chris Hughes, one of Facebook’s co-founders, has called for the social network to be broken up by regulators.

In an open letter written to the New York Times, Hughes urged the American Federal Trade Commission to “undo” Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, and block the company’s plans to merge the platforms.

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Let’s stick together – Instagram tests song lyric stickers

Instagram is testing a song lyrics sticker for its Stories Feature that will caption the lyrics of a song alongside a video.

The company introduced the ability to add music to accompany its Stories around a year ago. There have been several additional musical features, including allowing users to respond to questions with songs.

There is no date for when users can expect the new feature as of yet but it would surely appeal to brands when it lands.

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Ad Easy – Facebook announce Automated Ads

To coincide with Small Business Week, Facebook announced new advertising tools aimed at making Facebook and Instagram advertising easier for companies.

After accessing Automated Ads through the Facebook Business Manager, ad creators will be asked about their business and marketing goals. From this, Facebook will make recommendations about ad optimisation, audience sets and budgets.

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Feathering the Nest –  Google rebrands Home Hub

At its annual developer conference, Google expanded its line of home assistant devices and renamed the family of products from Home Hub to Nest Hub.

The top of the range Nest device, Nest Hub Max, has a 10-inch touchscreen and will include a raft of new features. This includes facial recognition for individual members of the household to allow the device to display the most relevant information to the correct user.

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Gone in six seconds – YouTube is developing a tool that automatically trims ads

YouTube is working on a tool called ‘Bumper Machine’ that can automatically cut down a longer ad into six seconds.

Using machine learning, Bumper Machine can identify the key elements in an ad, eg. voiceovers, products and logos, and create four variations advertisers can use on the platform.

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