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Talk Social: 14 March, 2017

Revealed: Lives of the social influencers


Everyone knows the term ‘Instagram influencer’ nowadays, but we still don’t know enough about these modern social phenomenons, how successful they are and how much money they’re making.

Influence.co polled 500 influencers across various sectors and with big differences in their follower numbers, to gain more insight.

The results showed that due to their relative scarcity, male influencers command more of a premium than females ($318 vs $258), those with fewer than 1,000 followers get much more engagement than those with 100,000+ followers (15% vs 2.4%) and the price of an influencer post can start at around $82.

It’s a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain at a fast-growing group of individuals who are of massive use to brands in the social space.

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Google drops Trusted Store status


Brands who achieved Google Trusted Store status received a shock this week when Google announced the end of the programme.

Trusted Stores is being replaced by Customer Reviews, with the public rating purchases and experiences after making a purchase.

If a consumer opts in, Google contacts them once they have received their order and asks for a score. In order to be part of the Google programme, e-retailers and merchants must give their customers directions how to sign up.

Similar to Trusted Stores and also to review sites such as Trustpilot, brands can have a Google Customer Reviews badge on their website and show their star rating.

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AI now able to identify objects in videos 


Staying with Google, it has unveiled new intelligent software that can identify objects in videos – and make them searchable.

The Video Intelligence API scans video and tags what it discovers, allowing people to search ‘dog’ or ‘flower’ and be pointed to a video.

The announcement was made at Google’s Cloud Next conference in San Francisco and could see brands gain the ability to be found for more content and owned assets than ever before.

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Flickr’s ‘similar’ search opens new doors


Intelligent search is a growing field in social media too, with Flickr now letting users search for objects similar to the one they select.

This advanced search function means users can go deeper into Flickr without any extra effort or thinking, letting the software doing the hard work to guess what you’re looking for.

Dots in the corner of images lead users to the new area of ‘similar’ results.

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Pinterest rounds up monthly trends

Pinterest Logo

The abundance of digital data means brands are more capable than ever of getting in on new and emerging trends – if they know where to look.

To help, Pinterest is releasing a monthly trends to watch report, based on the two billion searches that are performed on the social platform every month.

This insight into what the public is searching for on Pinterest will be invaluable to brands who make use of its visual, inspirational medium to grow awareness and boost sales.

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