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Talk Social: 14 June, 2016

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26 billion


What’s the value of a business network? If you’re Microsoft it’s $26 billion – the amount they have paid for LinkedIn.

At a stroke, the deal gives Microsoft access to the 430 million professionals who have profiles on the site.

Microsoft chief executive Sayta Nadella believes the future of tech is in its professional applications, rather than leisure, and this includes a social network where professionals worldwide can swap information, advice and gain insight.

For now, Microsoft is adamant that the two companies will remain completely separate. However, it surely will not be long before the real reasons for this massive investment become clear.

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Twitter now a market research tool


Brands wishing to carry out quick and inexpensive market research will be interested in an emerging feature from twitter – twitter Insiders.

The service promises a network of more than 12,000 twitter users from the UK and USA, available to participate in surveys, research studies and market research opinion on new designs, logos or branding.

Twitter Insiders can also give live feedback to twitter adverts that are live, allowing them to be tweaked if necessary while they are still being served on the network.

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Pinterest ad targeting to step up a gear

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is promising to up its game with ad targeting, to bring it closer to the likes of Facebook.

After launching sponsored pins in April and letting advertisers target by demographics, keywords and interests, the platform has struggled to attract brands.

Now, Pinterest has come out fighting, promising that inside 12 months, options will let advertisers use Pinterest’s inventory to target users at a time when they know what they are looking for.

One unique advantage of the platform is that sponsored pins stay there forever, adding long-tail ROI to any ad campaign.

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360 images available on Facebook


Brands wishing to show off stunning panoramic visuals can take advantage of a new feature on Facebook, that allows 360-degree photos to be posted direct from iPhone.

Panorama images taken on iPhone are converted by Facebook into fully immersive images, that users can turn themselves and their phones around to see from every angle.

The move is similar to that of Facebook’s 360-degree videos, that have been available for a few months.

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Direct peer to peer notifications being tested on Facebook


Staying with Facebook, it is testing a feature that will allow users to send notifications to groups of friends about posts they may be interested in.

This alternative to tagging friends in the post itself is seen as a less public way of letting people know you’re posting something they should see.

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