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Talk Social: 14 February, 2017

Asda shares shopper data with advertisers


Brands who supply to Asda will now be able to access shopper data from the supermarket.

Asda has adopted the technology of its parent group Walmart to introduce the Walmart Exchange into the UK.

Asda’s data on its shoppers will be available to brands to allow them to target on Asda’s sites, to users who are interested in specific products.

This will be available on Asda’s main site, YouTube channel and Good Living magazine site. So far, the first brand to try it has been Lucozade, which saw click through rates seven times higher than usual.

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Life through a lens at Pinterest


Even in this tech age, the idea of pointing your phone at an item, taking a pic and being instantly served rafts of relevant information still seems just a little far-fetched.

However, Pinterest is about to challenge that with the launch of Pinterest Lens.

This image search functionality – currently in test mode – will identify objects and instantly offer results both inside and outside of the social network.

So a pair of shoes would offer images from within Pinterest of similar items, styles and trends, while outside the app, it would broaden the search for related items. If a picture is taken of a food item, the search results returned will include recipes.

This next level, visual discovery is in addition to the ‘shop the look’ feature introduced recently, where items featured in fashion and home pins can be clicked to discover purchasing information.

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Twitter on the brain


Focus groups and surveys are just so 2016. Now, when a social network wants to test user reactions, it employs scientists to measure the brain activity of those taking part.

That’s just what twitter has done to obtain scientific proof of the effectiveness of different types of video posts.

The results are fascinating. Shorter clips (less than 15 seconds) performed much better in terms of capturing the attention – suiting twitter’s ‘news feed’ style and the scrolling behaviour of its users.

The presence of a person or people in the first three seconds of a clip led to a 133 per cent uplift in emotional response, while the inclusion of subtitles meant users were 28 per cent more likely to view the clip to completion.

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YouTube goes live on mobile


Left behind by the launch of Facebook live, Periscope and Snapchat, YouTube is now responding with the rollout of live mobile streaming.

While YouTube live streaming has been available on desktop since 2011, the addition of mobile only happened late last year and only to selected users.

Now it has been expanded to any YouTube account with more than 10,000 followers. YouTube says this will put the new option into the hands of ‘hundreds of thousands of talented creators’.

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Snapchat to premiere first original series


Snapchat is continuing its growth from a youth-orientated social network into something much bigger.

Its live coverage of the Grammys red carpet and ceremony saw thousands of viewers hooked in to its Discover section.

Now the company is developing its first original content with an eight episode reality series called Second Chance, which will launch in April in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

This is seen as a major step towards Snapchat being seen as a legitimate broadcaster by viewers and advertisers, with its content being served for a mobile-first audience.

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