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Talk Social: 13th July, 2021 – YouTube launches Shorts worldwide

YouTube launches Shorts worldwide

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, has stated Shorts will be accessible to all regions starting this week in an attempt to combat TikTok, the leading video content app.

Previously the company was testing in India, two months after TikTok was banned in the region, before expanding to the US, the UAE, and the Middle East. 

Initial results from YouTube show early signs of success for Shorts. Already, several popular TikTok creators have expanded their presence onto the platform, including Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. Additionally, Shorts has reported an increase of 6.5 billion daily views compared to 3.5 billion at the end of 2020.

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Instagram tests upload from desktop

There’s good news for social media marketers and lovers of desktop. Instagram is testing giving users the ability to publish feed posts from the browser version of the app.

Currently, the test is limited to a small group of users who can access the upload and posting options for feed posts. Stories or Reels uploads are unavailable at this stage, but Instagram has announced upcoming tests regarding IGTV uploads, which suggests more features could be announced soon. 

Of course, brands have been able to publish posts from desktops since the introduction of Creator Studio in 2019. However, this would expand the function to all users as well as provide access to all the standard Instagram editing tools.

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Twitter continues to push Fleets with new features 

Twitter is attempting to increase the usage of its Fleets, its version of Stories, with some Twitter users reporting seeing Fleets from profiles they don’t follow at the top of their bars as a means to boost discovery. 

Additionally, Twitter is testing ‘Related Fleets’, where a Fleet post will appear as an additional content recommendation after expanding on an initial tweet. The goal is to maximise Fleets discoverability and introduce users to new accounts.

Time will tell if these new features increase usage of Fleets that has so far gained traction since its introduction earlier this year.

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TikTok launches ‘Shoutouts’ enabling users to pay influencers for personalised videos

TikTok has begun rolling out its Cameo competitor, Shoutouts, a platform that will allow users to request and pay for custom videos and content from their favourite content creators.

The new service will allow users to request a personalised message from their favourite influencer in return for a one-off payment. The creator then has three days to either accept an assigned Shoutout or decline, then a further week to create the clip, which is finally sent to the user’s inbox.

Shoutouts is only available in Turkey and Dubai at this stage of the test. Its success in these regions will likely determine if it rolls out further.

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Instagram rolls out new comment limits to help combat abuse

Instagram is combating on-platform abuse, allowing users to limit actions from groups of users rather than muting or restricting profiles.

The app will recommend groups of accounts whom they may like to limit their behaviour. For example, there will be options to restrict unwanted comments from accounts that don’t follow them or who are recent followers. 

This update could reduce the chances of an online ‘pile-on’ where groups of users rally together to target an individual. 

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