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Talk Social: 13 February, 2018

Will Facebook’s ‘downvote’ experiment be a hit?


Facebook is trialling a ‘downvote’ system on comments on the social platform, allowing users to push down content that they don’t like.

This only applies to comments on posts and not the posts themselves, but its introduction is seen as a further sign of Facebook’s drive to be seen as promoting community values.

Recent changes to the social network’s news feed algorithm have been designed to promote content that is getting the most engagement and comments from the community.

Now the Facebook community is being further empowered through an element of control over comments.

Facebook has long resisted any kind of negative reaction to posts and comments, deciding against a ‘dislike’ button for years despite many users wanting one.

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Social media becoming more and more private, says new study


The idea of social media fragmenting into smaller, peer controlled communities as opposed to the public platforms that have been dominant for several years appears to be becoming a reality.

Marketing expert Mark Schaefer has pinpointed the rise of private networks above social networks as being ‘one of the most significant trends in the recent history of marketing’ after usage of the big four messaging apps jumped ahead of the big four social media apps.

As social media matures in our society, it does appear people are becoming more wary, less willing to share everything, preferring instead to stick to smaller groups of people with similar interests or those they know.

The big social networks have responded, with Facebook testing private sharing tools, Instagram looking at ‘lists’ where users can select who sees a post or Story.

As the public starts to use social differently, brands have to ensure they are still part of the conversation and an authentic voice worth listening to.

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Visual searches on Pinterest now top 600million monthly


Pinterest’s visual search tool Lens is now dealing with 600 million enquiries a month, a jump of two thirds since August.

By using Pinterest’s camera, sophisticated search results can be returned for recipe ingredients, styles and items of clothing, objects around the home and more.

The top searches are for fashion, home decor, art, food and products.

While Pinterest’s social audience is relatively small at 200million active monthly users, more than nine in 10 use the app to plan or make purchases meaning it is a highly desirable channel for those who can tap into the audience in the right way.

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Screenshot notification added to Insta Stories


Instagram is going to start letting people know when others take screenshots of their Stories posts.

A camera shutter icon next to the list of those who have viewed the story will let the user know if a screenshot has been taken.

The social network is to monitor any effect this has on engagement with Stories before deciding if it is to be a permanent move.

Snapchat already lets people know if a screenshot has been taken of any direct message.

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Sign of the times – 2018’s new emjois are coming


And finally… just when everyone has got to grips with the current arsenal of emojis that brands like to throw into social, a whole new set are coming around the corner.

The Unicode consortium – what do you mean you’ve never heard of them? – has approved the use of 157 new emojis this year.

As well as redheads, there will be superheroes, a party face complete with party hat, more animals and cupcakes, among other items.

Social media brand managers had best get studying now for how best these new symbols will fit into their content.

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