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Talk Social: 13 December, 2016

Facebook launches Snapchat-style filters


If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Snapchat must be blushing at the number of social copycats out there.

The latest is Facebook, which is launching its own version of geofilters, allowing users to add graphics overlaid on to images.

These location-triggered features – that Facebook is calling Profile Frames – will be available in cities, at landmarks, during big events and more.

Submissions are sent to Facebook for approval before they are set live. The biggest difference, however, is that they are free, unlike Snapchat which charges depending on the amount of space the filter is to cover.

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Twitter turns off lead gen


Twitter is phasing out its lead gen campaigns in the new year.

The ads that collect data from a call to action button are used by many businesses – however, not enough for the social platform to continue to offer them as it streamlines its services.

The social network has announced that from February next year, lead gen campaigns won’t be available and any active campaigns will stop working from March 2017.

This development is sure to affect the plans of many brands in the new year.

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LinkedIn’s helping hand to break the ice


Business networking platform LinkedIn is giving a helping hand to nervous professionals unsure of how to break the ice with a new contact.

When messaging a contact on LinkedIn, a series of suggested conversation starters are now being offered via a ‘lightbulb’ icon. These are derived from looking at the user’s most recent activity, any contacts you have in common and any shared experience.

LinkedIn has seen a jump in messaging on the social network of more than 200 per cent year on year – and is now offering a helping hand to boost that even more in 2017.

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Top twitter trends of the year


Twitter has rounded up its most popular tweets, hashtags, emojis and stickers from 2016.

As expected, politics dominates thanks to Brexit and Donald Trump.

Sport also features heavily in a year when Leicester City won the Premier League and there was a European Football Championships.

However, it’s when looking at the emojis that brands can take some pointers into 2017.

Twitter users feel a lot of love in their posts, hence the heart eyes emoji and heart sticker being the two most popular of the year.

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News matters to Facebook


Stung by allegations of fake news spreading across its network, Facebook has this week advertised for a head of news.

This admission that Facebook is a major publisher and part of the news network is long overdue in the eyes of many.

The successful applicant will have 20 plus years in the news industry and be the ‘public-facing voice of Facebook and its role in the news ecosystem’.

The network’s treatment of news – real and fake – in 2017 will be under heavier scrutiny than ever and the new appointment will be the person at the forefront.

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