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Talk Social: 12 September, 2017

Does Amazon know more about us than Google and Facebook?


Amazon has recently ramped up its advertising offering so that agencies can now buy independently through Amazon Media Group.

This pitch, which includes discounts and incentives to advertise on the platform, serves as a sharp reminder of Amazon’s status as a shopping behemoth that can tap into the purchasing habits of a staggering 300 million users.

While Google has search data and Facebook knows interest levels, Amazon holds a different and mighty power as it can identify where their customers live and how and what they’re buying, by using behavioural, demographic and geographic targeting.

This means that Amazon is able is able to create complete data profiles potentially more effectively than any other platform, in turn retaining existing customers and attracting a new audience.

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Welcome to the WhatsApp business model


Free messaging giant WhatsApp is preparing to make money for its parent company Facebook by paving the way for dialogue between its one billion strong daily user base and businesses.

Plans include charging large businesses for the tools that will allow them to better communicate with customers, while a free app will be offered to SMEs.

It’s thought that the app will allow global companies to provide updates on the likes of flight times and delivery confirmations, while enabling smaller retailers to keep in touch with hundreds of customers from a single smartphone.

Since testing began one week ago, it’s been revealed that conversations with businesses are encrypted and can be blocked.

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The true cost of Instagram validation


We’ve all seen the little blue ticks that verify public figures, celebrities and brands on Instagram. What we might not have realised is that those tiny ticks, which grant users an optimum spot in search, are being sold on the black market for up to $7,000.

The prices for this unique currency are so high because blue ticks are seen as a status symbol that can help people to gain immediate legitimacy in the business of influencer marketing within Instagram’s community of 700 million monthly users.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram verification can’t be requested online or purchased, which is why the coveted blue checkmarks are now seemingly worth their weight in gold.

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Video watching on social at all-time high

Video is now the most engaging form of digital content, an important consideration for all brands on social. This is why it comes as little surprise that daily watch times for Facebook Live broadcasts have quadrupled in the past year, while time spent watching video on Instagram has increased by 80 per cent in the same period.

This follows a study of 1,500 people by Facebook that revealed how the video trend looks set to further increase, as more people use mobile and social media to consume data ‘anyplace and anytime’.

The research also found that viewing video online leads to a greater sense of communal sharing and engagement with friends and that videos shared on social have a bigger emotional pull due to increased interaction.

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Instagram stories can now be posted on Facebook


Facebook is tapping into the runaway success of Instagram stories, which now attracts 250 million daily users, by running a test that allows people to share their Insta story on their Facebook feed.

Last month, Facebook also started rolling out Live Stories, which features at the top of your connections’ News Feed and appears as a post within the feed itself, important factors for maximising reach.

Interestingly, Facebook Live Stories is only available on personal profiles and hasn’t, as yet, been opened up to Pages – a space that would naturally maximise engagement and, in our opinion, is therefore very much inevitable.

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