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Talk Social: 12 May, 2020

Tik Tok Changes The Rules on Music Usage For Businesses


Businesses operating on Tik Tok have previously been able to use any song they wanted for their clips, free of constraints or costs. However, new changes have come into play which could alter brands’ approach to TikTok marketing. The new ‘Commercial Music Library’ will provide “high-quality, free-to-use music” that will “also save you time and investment in sorting out music licensing”, but it may not include globally recognised songs that have previously been accessible. 

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How Facebook Video Consumption is Evolving

Facebook Watch is the platform’s long-form video content server, and it’s seen a huge increase in popularity over the last year, with 720 million users each month. This week, Facebook has sought to provide us with further insight into the habits of Watch users, including how users are consuming videos and when they’re watching them. The latest report from Facebook Watch provides further insight into this ever-growing platform. 

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The Zoom Boom

Zoom meetings are being used more and more each day for both internal and client-facing meetings. If you haven’t played around with the backgrounds feature yet… you should! To help you pick the perfect background for your meeting, The BBC has launched an archive of some of it’s most famous TV shows. From Strictly Come Dancing to Top of The Pops, there is a background for every mood (or meeting!).

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Perfecting The Virtual Pitch

Presenting a pitch in person seems like a distant memory, with working from home very much the norm, perfecting your online pitching techniques is crucial. We certainly picked up a tip or two from Marcus John Henry Brown’s online tutorial. 

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Heineken Gets Real About The Downfalls of Social Distancing

Dutch beer brand Heineken has launched a new campaign showing the pitfalls of social distancing. Directed by Netflix’s Tiger King director, Chris Smith, the ad follows a range of consumers around whilst showing the downsides to social distancing, including poor internet connection, charger dependent laptops and having nowhere to lean your phone. 

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