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Talk Social: 11 September, 2018

Google making it easier to search data


With data being the future of pretty much everything, Google is making it easier for us all to find it.

The search engine is introducing Google Dataset Search that will provide search results from publicly available data sources.

It can be used to find references to government data, data provided by news publishers, environmental and scientific data and more.

Earlier in the year, Google provided a way for developers to mark up their data in a way that helps search engines understand the content and once this is used more widely by SEOs, the data available under Google Dataset Search will increase.

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Instagram wants to take us shopping


Instagram is reported to be building a standalone shopping app.

The social spin-off, at this stage believed to be called IG Shopping, will allow users to identify products they are interested in on their main Insta feed, then purchase via IG Shopping.

Brands can already lead users to purchase on Instagram by tagging products or via Stories, however this development promises a faster, more seamless, route to purchase.

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Zoom in for more Instagram Stories creativity


Meanwhile, Insta has also added a variety of zoom options for creators of Stories, allowing them to mix content up for more engagement.

When super zoom is selected, a range of options now are available for content creators, with different effects.

To make it easier and quicker to use emojis, the most popular are now displayed in a bar above the text composition box.

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Why twitter wants you to have a community clearout


It’s now agreed wisdom in social media that it’s not the size of your community that matters, but the quality.

With this in mind, twitter has been testing a feature offering suggestions for accounts that users might wish to unfollow.

Based on a lack of activity or lack of engagement, twitter’s rationale is to see it as a spring clean, removing clutter from a user’s feed. With a pared-down following list, the quality of content in a user’s feed should increase.

If the trial is deemed a success, twitter may roll this out wider in due course.

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Live social broadcasts – but with no camera


Twitter’s live streaming is changing, to offer users the option of doing an audio-only broadcast.

At first, this is only for Apple users although all users will be able to playback and listen to the recordings.

The feature is expected to prove popular for quick news updates, mini podcasts and other situations where people want to talk, just not on camera.

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