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Talk Social: 11 October, 2016

The social media traits that make brands anti social

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What are the most annoying things that brands do on social media?

Sprout Social asked just that question to 1,000 users of twitter, Facebook and Instagram – and the results were illuminating.

So if you are doing any of the following on your social media channels, you might want to reconsider as the chances are your community doesn’t like it.

At number five, is ‘not replying to my message’; at four, ‘trying to be funny when they’re not’; number three is ‘not having any personality’; number two ‘using slang and jargon’ – and the top annoyance (more than one in two voted for this) is ‘posting too many promotions’.

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Half a million advertisers on Insta

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Instagram’s development as an advertising channel has seen the number of active advertisers on the social media network rise from 200,000 in February to half a million last month.

What’s more, Instagram is claiming that ads on its platform are extremely effective, with more than one billion user actions in the past 12 months and an offline sales increase among advertisers of two per cent.

As it grows at such speed, the danger is that too many ads start appearing in users’ feeds – however, Instagram sets no limit on the ratio of posts to ads, preferring to think of adverts as being ‘as high quality as all the content in people’s feeds’, according to vice president James Quarles.

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Live streams the big pull for twitter

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Twitter’s failure to attract a buyer last week has led it to refocus on making itself more attractive and giving people new reasons to spend time on the platform.

This is being built around live streaming – a popular option that allows for monetisation as well as pulling in people who are not regular users of social media.

Twitter already has the rights to live stream American Football from the NFL this season and more high-profile broadcast rights are now sure to follow.

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Events now a standalone app on Facebook

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Facebook is launching a new standalone app for events, which will allow users to create a master social calendar on their phones.

Events will curate local business, sports, cultural and social attractions that are local and of interest to each user.

Organisers of events are likely to see a boost in organic reach with the launch of the new app. The app will also sync with a user’s iPhone calendar to create a master social organiser of upcoming appointments.

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Social media videos made easy

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Brands creating content – especially video – on a tight budget for use on social media might want to check out Animoto.

The revamped app uses a drag and drop format to create slick looking videos without the budget or editing skills that go along with it.

The final video can then be uploaded direct to social channels. Brands can test the product with a free trial at animoto.com

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