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Talk Social: 11 May, 2021 – Twitter launches Tip Jar feature

Twitter launches Tip Jar feature

Twitter has begun rolling out the next stage of its creator payment program with the new Tip Jar feature that lets users send and receive money within the app. 

The Tip Jar function essentially adds a small icon to a user’s profile – currently available on mobile devices only – with a drop-down menu for other payment providers, such as PayPal or Venmo.

The Tip Jar is one of several new features designed to provide a revenue stream for creators, in the hope of enticing them to stay on their platform rather than switch to a competitor which can provide more income.

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TikTok maintains its position at the top of the monthly app download chart, despite rising competition

TikTok has held its ground at the top of the global monthly download charts, according to the latest report from Sensor Trower.

This is despite multiple adversities. Not only has the app been banned in India, but several competitors have also launched copycat versions of its features, including YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

The resilience of TikTok in spite of recent circumstances is amazing. With its evolving ad and promotion offering, this could be the time for brands to reassess the platform’s role in their media marketing strategy.

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Instagram launches Caption Stickers

Instagram has today officially launched its new captions sticker in Instagram Stories, providing another way for creators to expand the accessibility of their Stories content.

Once activated, the sticker will automatically generate subtitles based on what it hears. The captions are not 100 per cent accurate all of the time, but users can edit the text, as well as customise the font, colour, and text position.

This could prove to be an invaluable tool for brands, as manually transcribing and uploading subtitles can often be a laborious task for video editors.

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Facebook pushes ahead with Instagram for kids app despite concerns

Would a separate ‘Instagram for Kids’ be a good idea, or would it expose youngsters to the dangers of social media too early?

Many commentators believe the latter, with a new call from lawmakers in the US to halt plans to develop an Instagram for Kids. 

Facebook, however, has stood behind Instagram for Kids, stating it will help prevent younger users from accessing content that is deemed inappropriate and help them learn the pros and cons of social media at a younger age.

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Clubhouse finally launches an Android version of the app, but is it too late?

It’s taken some time, but Clubhouse has finally released an  Android version of its app,  albeit in limited beta with a wider launch coming soon.

Many have pointed out this Android version feels rushed with several holes that need addressing before a full-scale rollout, including the lack of options to follow topics, inability to create or manage clubs or update a name or update username. But this is still a critical step for the next stage of the app’s development.

The next few months will be critical for the app’s future, as more competitors follow Twitter and launch their own copycat service. Clubhouse will be hoping the arrival of an Android version will help it stay ahead. 

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