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Talk Social: 11 January, 2022 – Instagram brings back the chronological feed and TikTok shares new data on the value of influencers

TikTok shares new data on the value of influencers

TikTok has examined over 2,800 brand campaigns on their platform and found that brands who partner with influencers see higher recall and longer view rates.

The study found repurposed content from non-TikTok specific campaigns performed the worst out of all content, while campaigns created with established creators saw much stronger responses. Ads created in partnership with TikTok influencers received an average view rate of 6-seconds – 91% higher than non-creator partnerships. 

This underlines the importance of linking your brand to in-app trends and viewer behaviours – if it looks and feels more native to TikTok, and comes from the influencers who know and live that approach, it’s more likely to see a better response from TikTok users.

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Instagram brings back the chronological feed

In a video shared by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, the platform has announced it has started testing two new feed settings, including a reverse chronological, algorithm-free option.

In addition to the regular feed display, which will use an algorithmic approach to determine the order of the content you are served, Instagram is adding two new options. In ‘Favourites’, users can view content from a list of accounts they choose. While ‘Following’ is the return of the much-requested reverse-chronological display that displays content based purely on the time it was posted.

If enough people use the option, this could prove to be good news for brands on the platform. The Instagram feed-algorithm has meant brand’s content appears lower than that from friends and family. Being higher in users’ feeds would increase brand reach and engagement.

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Linkedin launches test of Audio Rooms

LinkedIn’s launching an initial test of its own, Clubhouse-like audio events platform, which will enable users to tune into live discussions in the app, and participate by raising their virtual hand to join as a speaker, or posting likes in response to the chat.

Previews shared by Linkedin show that the format looks very similar to the likes of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, with separate panels for those ‘on stage’ and speaking, and those tuning in.

Linkedin first announced it was working on the service in March last year at the peak of Clubhouse-hype. That has passed, however, this could still serve a valuable purpose within the LinkedIn environment, providing more capacity for professional connections within industry-aligned meetings and discussions.

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Twitter tests full-screen, visual tweet reactions

Twitter’s taking the next steps with its full-screen, video reply option, with the launch of a live test that will enable users to add a full-screen video or image to respond to a tweet, with the original tweet then embedded in the visual.

The option essentially takes the key elements from Fleets, its failed Stories clone, and re-purposes them within the regular Twitter feed experience.

The influence of TikTok behind this update is clear, and with that app on track to reach 1.5 billion users this year – more than 7 times the size of Twitter’s own audience – this approach does make some sense.

Critics are arguing that the new feature appears out of place and it is likely to go the same way as Fleets, however, it has the potential to increase engagement on the platform, as opposed to users re-sharing their tweets on other platforms.

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Pinterest updates its search to highlight Pin creators

Pinterest is looking to improve creator discovery with the addition of a new ‘Profiles’ tab within Pin search, which will highlight relevant creators related to any search term.

This will enable Pinners to find the top creators for each subject, as well as helping improve exposure, and further building presence for influencers on the platform.

Like all platforms, Pinterest is working to retain its top creative talent and keep its most popular users posting more often, in order to maximise user interest. Last year, Pinterest also introduced a $500k Creator Fund and a Creator Rewards program that offers incentives for creators to participate in variable challenges related to activity in the app.

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