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Talk Social: 11 February, 2020

Influencer marketing industry predicted to be worth £7.7 billion by the end of 2020

Influencer marketing shows no signs of slowing down in 2020, having grown into a core strategy that is practised by over 93% of marketers and predicted to be a £7.7 billion industry by the end of the year.

A recent survey from Influencer Marketing Hub looked at the return on investment brands are seeing from influencers. On average for every £1 spent, brands make £5.20 and the top 13% of businesses make £20 or more.

As spending from brands increases, it is more important for brands to invest wisely, not in one-off sponsored posts but in long term campaigns with authentic ambassadors who already like and represent brand values.

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Pinterest reaches 335 million active users and surpasses £0.87 billion in revenue

Pinterest reported fourth-quarter earnings last Friday, beating expectations for revenue and monthly active users (MAU).

The platform is now up to 335 million MAU, which is an increase of 26% year on year. The majority of this growth is outside America, showing the platform’s popularity in European markets and its efforts to expand into Indian and South-East Asian regions.

In terms of revenue, the latest report shows a 46% year on year, taking its full-year intake to $1.14b.

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Snapchat grows users and revenue but falls below expectations

Snapchat also released their fourth-quarter earnings for 2019 last week, revealing growth in both users and revenue. However, unlike Pinterest, they were not able to hit their estimates.

Snap added 8 million more daily activities (DAU) in Q4, taking its total number to 218 million. That equates to a 17% increase in users, year-over-year, which is a strong result but far behind its main rival in Instagram, which has 500 million DAU on its Stories alone.

Its total earnings for the period came to $561 million, a 44% year-over-year jump but less than than the $562 million analysts had predicted. This caused a 10% drop in the company’s share price after the report was released.

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Instagram adds two listing option in ‘Following’ tab

Instagram has rolled out two new category listings within the ‘Following’ tab which will enable users to see which accounts get the most visibility in their feed, and which they rarely engage with.

The listing of those you don’t engage with essentially recommends people who you should unfollow, while the most present list will give users more control over their algorithm-defined feed. If you don’t like any of the accounts you see, you can remove them, or unfollow them as well.

The new feature is already available for select users if they navigate to their following tab from their profile.

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Tik Tok adds the option to upload via desktop

Users can now upload their videos on TikTok via the new desktop version of the application.

This process is helpful for those managing many social media accounts from a single workstation as it saves them from having to switch their phone for specific uses. 

This option will also potentially allow users to upload more polished, edited content that better represents a brands image.

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