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Talk Social: 11 December, 2018

Shop while you stream

Facebook is testing adding a new ‘QVC-like’ shopping feature to live video streams.

The new function, which is currently being trialed in Thailand, will allow companies to showcase their products in a way similar to television shopping channels. Viewers will be able to reserve products as they are watching and pay directly through the Messenger app.

If the trial goes well, Facebook could potentially introduce the feature across other countries and regions.

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YouTube rolls out its own version of Stories

YouTube is rolling out its take on Instagram/Snapchat-like Stories. The short videos will appear in the ‘Up Next’ sidebar and on the creator’s channel page. Unlike Instagram and Snapchat iterations, the YouTube Stories will last for seven days on the mobile app.

YouTube first announce Stories in November 2017, but has now began rolling the feature in the past week along with a new set of creator tools.

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Facebook releases report on the the carbuyer’s path to purchase

Facebook IQ has commissioned a report into what role social media and digital platforms plays in the purchase behaviour automotive buyers.

The report, which was conducted by management consultancy agency Accenture, surveyed more than a thousand Americans aged 18 and older who have bought a car in the past six months or plan to buy a car in the next year.

The report showed 63 per cent of modern consumers discover new automobiles online, compared to 37 per cent who actively go into a dealership.

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Google say goodbye to Allo

Google has announced it is discontinuing its smart messaging app Allo in order to focus attention on its Messages app for Android.

“Earlier this year we paused investment in Allo and brought some of its most-loved features—like Smart Reply, GIFs and desktop support—into Messages. Given Messages’ continued momentum, we’ve decided to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages,” said Matt Klainer, the VP of Consumer Communications Products at Google.

Allo users have until March 2019 to save whatever assets they have on the platform before it will be deleted.

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Reddit in 2018

Social news aggregation site Redddit has released its annual Year in Review report revealing stats including they are hitting 1.4 billion native video views per month and serving more than 400,000 hours of natively hosted video content every day.

These figures come only a year after native video was launched on the site.

The report also revealed the most upvoted content for 2018 included posts “This is what happens when one company owns dozens of local news stations” and “Local Mexican restaurant used to be a Chinese restaurant. Instead of painting over a mural, they just put sombreros on the pandas”.

Read the full report here


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