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Talk Social: 10 May, 2022 – Instagram launches initial test of NFT integration

Instagram launches initial test of NFT integration

As the NFT bubble shows the first signs of bursting, Instagram has announced its long-awaited NFT display option will be coming to the platform imminently. 

With the new feature, NFT owners will be able to connect their virtual wallets to their Instagram profiles to prove they own the asset they wish to post. The image or video will appear on their profile with a tick in a hexagon to prove it is a verified NFT.

The feature, which has now been rolled out to select creators in the US, has been in development since June last year. However, this release does appear timely as recent results show the NFT market’s steady decline. One report in the Wall Street Journal noted that there’s been a 92 per cent decline in NFT sales since September, and an 88 per cent decline in active wallets since November.

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LinkedIn updates algorithm to combat engagement bait

With LinkedIn experiencing record levels of growth, more brands and users are attempting to exploit the platform’s algorithm to maximise content performance. LinkedIn has stated it does not prefer this kind of ‘engagement baiting’ content and is updating its algorithm to downrank such posts.

LinkedIn has classified posts that expressly ask or encourage the community to engage with content via likes or reactions as engagement bait. Likewise, LinkedIn highlights polls are appearing too frequently and they are reducing the number of these that appear in users’ feeds.

These updates could impact results for brands on the platform. For companies who see a drop in their reach and engagement, it could be worth revisiting their content strategy and focusing on content that fosters authentic engagement without directly asking for it.

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TikTok replaces the Discover tab

Have you noticed a change on your TikTok profile? TikTok is rolling out a new ‘Friends’ tab to replace the ‘Discover’ tab in the bottom menu of the app.

While ‘Discover’ showcased the latest trending clips, ‘Friends’ displays videos posted by the users’ connections. With this update, TikTok wants this to encourage more direct engagement between users. 

If TikTok can prompt more personal sharing, then it can move into the territory of its competitors, such as Instagram and Snapchat, where people currently conduct more of their social reactions between friends.

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TikTok shares data on emerging gaming trends

TikTok has published a new overview of how its platform links into gaming culture and the opportunities to promote gaming projects and related initiatives.

They note that the global gaming community is massive and many of the gamers are active on their platform. The top 100 gaming-related hashtags receive more than 40 billion views per month

The report goes on to provide some best practice tips for engaging this community and marketing to them. Many of the tips such as ‘leverage the power of sound’ and ‘ride the latest trends’ have applications outside of gaming conversations and are well-worth reading for marketeers working on their TikTok strategy.

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Study shows the best practices for Snapchat ads

A new report from VidMob has analysed 14,000 Snapchat ad campaigns run over the past three years to understand the best practices for advertising on the platform.

The study goes into detail about what approach delivers the best results for specific industries. For the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, the best-performing campaigns delivered their messages early and empathetically. They also stated their brand names immediately and used high amounts of contrasting colours to capture users’ attention quickly.

The report includes many interesting notes. For brands looking to improve their Snapchat ads approach, it is well worth taking a look through the findings.

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