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Talk Social: 10 January, 2017

Google search results change to reflect real time


Google has altered its desktop search algorithm, to display results more prominently from social network twitter as well as Google News.

This change especially applies to searches for brand names and is a further reinforcement of Google’s desire to provide answers ‘in real time’ to what is being searched for.

That is why latest tweets from a brand’s twitter feed and any relevant news stories mentioning a brand are now being boosted above more historic search results.

The change – which isn’t happening to all brand searches and will be rolled out – reinforces the importance of brands posting frequently on social as it now has the potential to appear near the top of search results almost instantly.

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Companies get real about VR


2017 is being tipped as the year VR becomes fully mainstream – and new research shows that brands are eagerly jumping on board.

Tech company Oracle surveyed businesses about their attitudes to new and emerging technologies – and more than three quarters (78 per cent) expect to be using some form of VR inside three years. One third are already doing so.


This will undoubtedly improve customer experience – as will the 80 per cent of brands who expect to be using chatbots to handle customer service inside the next four years.

The full results of the survey can be found here

Ads to run in the middle of Facebook videos


Facebook has started 2017 with a raft of changes to its platform, most of which directly affect brands.

First, there is now the ability to monetise video content through the insertion of ads midway into a clip.

These mid-roll ads can be included from 20 seconds into any video that lasts a minimum of 90 seconds – a clear sign of Facebook wanting to take on YouTube as the location for more and more video content by making it profitable for people to post there.

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Post prompts on FB pages


Facebook has also added new post prompts to make it easier for page administrators to boost their audience engagement.

These include various methods of creating Facebook ads, creating events or offers and sharing photos and videos. While none of the features is new, the prompts tabs are a new way of Facebook making sure that page admins are maximising all of the social platform’s features.

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How mobile use looked in 2016


At the start of a new year, everyone loves an infographic showing a trend or pointer for the 12 months ahead.

This graphic above breaks down personal mobile phone use into different categories – with ‘me time’ taking up a whopping 46 per cent of the average mobile user’s day. This accounts for activities such as watching videos, playing games or reading gossip websites.

The next largest category was socialising, interacting with others via messaging, social networking or image sharing.

After that comes shopping, then the more serious sounding ‘accomplishing’, which is defined as managing finances, health or productivity.

Interestingly, reading the news accounts for just four per cent of time, while participating in hobbies is just one per cent.


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