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Talk Social: 10 February, 2015

Google and twitter reveal partnership


Google and twitter have revealed a new partnership which will see tweets displayed in search results in real time.

Presently, there is a time delay between when a tweet is posted and when – or if – it becomes visible on a Google search.

However, under a new deal between the two online giants, later this year that will change and tweets will appear in search results as they are posted, increasing the discoverability and thus the earned media, of a given tweet.

This opens up possibilities for brands to use tweets – for limited time offers for instance – that would then show up in search results too, thereby ensuring greater exposure. However, the risks are that anything ‘of the moment’ is likely to look out of place when viewed in a search result weeks or months later.

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Ssshhhhh! The TV has ears


Last week’s tales of creepy eavesdropping from Facebook and marketing tool Pulsate have been followed by a new revelation from Samsung – its smart TVs have the ability to listen to conversations.

The voice recognition feature is designed to allow users to change channel and surf the internet without using a remote control. However, the Korean company has admitted that once the feature is enabled, the software ‘may’ also capture speech that isn’t a direct command to the television in order to ‘evaluate and improve the features’ – this includes spoken words that may ‘include personal or other sensitive information’.

In other words, at any time your domestic conversations may be captured, recorded and converted from speech to text by third parties, who Samsung works with.

Thankfully for those who feel uncomfortable about this intrusion there is a simple solution – disable the voice recognition feature and go back to using your remote control.

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Business users urged to go off the record


Business colleagues who want to go ‘off the record’ when discussing projects and sharing documents now have a messaging service that leaves no trace behind.

Confide is an instant messaging service designed for business users who want to share Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. It connects with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive among many cloud storage services. Images can also be shared. Once a message has been read by the end user, it simply disappears.

The developers say the app is already up and running in 14 countries and has multiple uses across all levels of business, from start-ups to large corporations. They point out, for instance, the damage done by the Sony hack last year because so much sensitive information was discussed on traditional email.

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Shoppers will heart new app


A new mobile app that allows users to shop across hundreds of retailers has racked up more than a quarter of a million users in a month.

HeartThis – only available in the US at present – puts more than 330 big brand stores in the one place for shoppers to browse and also searches for promo codes to help users save.

In just over a month of availability and purely through word of mouth, the app already has 250,000 active users with the majority females aged 25-45.

This is a fascinating development in the way shoppers are browsing and purchasing, with brands coming together to make it even more convenient for their customers.

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Customer reviews to lead greater map visibility


The importance of customer reviews to brands and organisations has been further demonstrated with news of an update to Google Maps.

In a new ‘local guide’ development launching first in the US on Android devices, once you arrive at your destination using Google Maps, the best local places as rated by customers will be shown to users.

Users can sign up to be local guides and once approved, their contributions will become trusted reviews that are showcased in an effort to make the reviews in Google Maps more helpful.

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