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Talk Social: 10 December, 2019

Tik Tok increases age limit from 13 to 18

Tik Tok has increased the age limit for users who want to make live streams or send virtual gifts to their contacts.

From last week, only users aged 18 and over will be able to buy, send and receive virtual gifts. Previously, anyone older than 13 could send gifts and anyone aged at least 16 could receive them.

This policy change follows waves of criticism the Chinese owned company has received for allowing teens to spend large sums of money and recent allegations they have been illegally collecting data on users under the age of 13.

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Instagram adds age checks for new accounts

Likewise, Instagram has announced a new process which will require users to enter their date of birth when signing up for a new account.

Until now, there were no such checks in place on the platform, which has lead to many people under the age of 13 signing up.

While implementing a basic requirement like this on sign-up won’t eliminate the problem, it is another step the company has recently made to improve wellbeing and safety for users.

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Reddit outlines top performance stats for 2019

Reddit has provided its annual overview of its key performance stats.

According to the report, it now has 430 million monthly active users, which is up 30% on the previous year. This is significant as it means Reddit has now overtaken Twitter that reported 330 million active users back in April.

Furthermore, the trend analysis reveals lifestyle topics such as beauty, style and food are all significantly up YoY. These are not areas that most would traditionally associate with Reddit, such as web trends and gaming.

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Instagram publishes new guidelines for teens and parents

Instagram has published two new guide books aimed both for parents and for teens, to help them better understand how to use the app safely, and how to reduce the potential psychological impacts of navigating the feed.

The guide books contain a range of insights into how Instagram works and aims to shine a light on the editing process behind the scenes for certain profiles to prevent unhealthy comparisons.

Along with other measures such as eliminating Like counts and age verification checks, it is good to see Instagram taking steps to protect vulnerable users on the platform.

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Snapchat tests ‘Cameo’ Mode, which inserts your face into GIFs

Snapchat has begun live testing of a new mode called ‘Cameo’, which will enable users to insert their faces into GIFs, adding their own, unique spin to a range of short video clips.

The new feature is currently being tested among selected users in France but is expected to roll out globally later this month.

Snapchat’s Lenses have been the one area they have stayed ahead of their competition. Its gender swap Lens, which launched in May this year, saw downloads more than double in under a month.

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