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Talk Social, 10 December 2014

 Forget mistletoe drones, these inventory drones are where it’s at


Much like Amazon’s drones that can move entire shelves, a German company is developing an inventory management system that will fly around warehouses and confirm whether items are in stock.

Designed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and logistics, the device is able to fly from item to item using a mobile antenna and read barcodes, allowing managers to get an instant update of their inventory in a few minutes by a drone.

The main advantage is that these robots act independently of ground-based obstructions. They can move in any direction and see into hard-to-reach places, such as tall storage shelves.

 2014 – a year in music


Spotify are celebrating another year in music by inviting customers to celebrate their musical milestones.

‘A Year in Music’ not only allows users to access the most streamed artists, tracks, albums, bands but they can also customise their Spotify journey, showing their favourite songs from the year. Users are able to explore their top genres, their most musical day of the week, and more.

What was the soundtrack to your year?

 Google maps is streets ahead

google maps

The new Google maps app launched this week is set to make sat navs obsolete.

The app gives the user turn-by-turn GPS navigation to their destination, getting them to where they want to go. Whether you’re driving, walking or taking public transport you can receive live traffic updates on the go as well as getting free recommendations from people in your circles and from experts, and access full place reviews and summaries.

Most popular content of 2014


As we hurtle towards the end of 2014, Youtube has announced the most shared videos and popular content of the year.

With over 113m views since it was posted in September, Mutant Giant Spider Dog was the most shared and discussed online, claiming first prize.

The World Cup tournament was “the most talked about event” on Facebook since the firm began measuring event-based chat, the company said, with over 350m people posting about the game. However Brazil’s presidential election attracted even more chat on the social media platform, with 674m interactions recorded by 48m people.

Google has released lists of the most watched material on YouTube in a blog post.

Twitter expands ad retargeting to include data from mobile apps

twitter bird

Twitter has just announced a major mobile expansion to the retargeting of their audience, an idea that was first unveiled in 2013.

The expansion will allow businesses to target ads to people on Twitter who’ve already visited their websites, and at people in their customer database. Now, they’ll be able to target ads based on activity inside mobile apps as well.

That means publishers and developers can try to ensure that their ads aren’t shown to people who’ve already installed the app, or they could target ads specifically to those who have installed their app but never made a purchase.


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