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Talk Social – 10 August, 2021 – Are Stories coming to TikTok?

Are Stories coming to TikTok? 

Twitter may have ditched its own Stories clone, but that hasn’t put TikTok off. The platform has now confirmed it is experimenting with its own Stories feature.

Simply called ‘TikTok Stories’, the feature will work in the same way as equivalents on Snapchat and Instagram. The Stories will appear in a separate feed and show short vertical videos that will last 24 hours before being deleted.

First introduced by Snapchat, Stories have been a constant and popular presence on social media, with platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest all bringing out their versions. Stories are a great way to get users to interact with each other on an app, offer a new place for ads, and generally keep the feedback loop of a social media app in motion.

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Whatsapp introduces disappearing photos and videos

Whatsapp users will be able to send disappearing photos and videos for the first time in a new feature designed to give greater control of privacy.

Following in the footsteps of Snapchat, the Whatsapp ‘View Once’ feature will delete photos or videos from users’ chats once the recipient has opened the file. This could prove useful for users wanting to send sensitive information, such as a router’s name and Wi-Fi password.

Although the feature improves the current ‘disappearing messages’, which will permanently delete messages after a week, the company has warned users to only send photos or video to ‘trusted individuals’ as the file can still be screen recorded before it disappears.

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YouTube pilots a more affordable subscription tier

In a bid to boost premium sign-ups, YouTube is piloting ‘Premium Lite’, a more affordable subscription tier in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Premium Lite includes ad-free viewing across YouTube’s leading apps, including web, iOS and Android, but doesn’t have other premium features such as background playback or offline downloads. Currently, the service costs €6.99 (or local equivalent) compared to the existing premium plan, which costs €11.99.

YouTube has announced the current subscription fees are in an experimental phase and will consider rolling out more plans based on audience feedback.

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Instagram creatives respond to platforms recent shift to video

Instagram has long been the social media platform for artists and photographers and many have built a strong following and presence there. However, the recent algorithm changes mean these types of creators will struggle to have their content seen.

In June, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced the social media platform was no longer a photo-sharing app, instead of shifting its focus to entertainment and video in-line with competitors TikTok and YouTube. 

This shift has left many feeling sidelined and looking for a new home. Many creatives have moved their focus to Twitter, while others are turning to sites such as Artfol, ArtStation and Bubblehouse, which are all specifically designed for creatives to showcase their work.

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LinkedIn acquires How-To video app Jumprope

LinkedIn has bought the video tutorial app Jumprope as part of its focus on video and improving its in-platform creator tools.

Jumprope was a content sharing platform that enables users to create step-by-step tutorials using images, videos with preset formats and overlays. Now purchased, the Jumprope app will cease to exist and its team will now focus on integrating its features into LinkedIn’s own creator tools.

This is the latest in a series of social updates designed to keep creators on-side and incentivise more posting from users. 

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