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Talk Social: 10 April, 2018

Instagram prioritises new content with algorithm change

Instagram has announced it will be updating its algorithm to prioritise new posts in your feed. According to the company​,​ “your feed will feel more fresh” ​as relevant new ​images appear in your feed first. However, ​Instagram ​still uses an algorithmic programme to order​ all​ posts ​based on what it calculates to be important.

In addition to the algorithm update, Instagram will also be trailing a ‘New Posts’ feature, which allows users to click a button to refresh their feed rather than have it happen automatically.

There is no indication on whether the prioritising of new posts will increase visibility for brands on the platform or whether they will still be subject to the same reach restriction imposed on non-paid content.

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Spotify to launch a smart speaker?

Spotify may be launching the company’s first piece of hardware this month in the form of a stand-alone car speaker or an in-car controller.

Spotify customers were put on red alert earlier this year after they received an ad announcement regarding the official Spotify Car Player.

The device would reportedly utilise voice controls which would suggest Spotify are looking to compete with Apple’s Homepod.

In terms of pricing, the ad said customers would be charged $13 a month for use of the device over a year period. It’s also possible that the monthly price would be inclusive of a premium subscription to Spotify, however, conflicting sources suggest discrepancies between prices.

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Facebook unveils ‘unsend’ feature to messenger app

Facebook has announced plans to make an ‘unsend’ feature available to all of its users within the next several months.

The news follows the revelation that the company had secretly deleted several emails from CEO Mark Zuckerberg from user’s inboxes over the course of several years. Many people have seen these retractions as a breach of trust and the news of an ‘unsend’ button as an attempt to dampen the backlash by making Zuckerberg look like a beta tester of the feature.

Facebook have apologised and have promised not to delete any more executives’ messages.

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Snapchat backtracks on Stories algorithm

Snapchat have reversed one of the most controversial updates to their app.

A new update has reverted the app back to displaying the stories feed in reverse chronological order, rather than algorithmically sorting them in a way similar to the story feeds on Facebook and Instagram. Many users have welcomed the change back, saying that the chronological order makes the stories more predictable and easier to browse.

The downside of a reverse chronological order is it heavily prioritises users who post more often, resulting in other users stories getting lost in the feed.

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Print fights back as Facebook falters

Newsworks laid down a marker against Facebook this week encouraging users to trust them at a time when the social network’s trust is at an all time low.

Appearing in major UK newspaper titles, the latest installment of Newsworks “It’s time to get real” campaign featured an image of Mark Zuckerberg’s open letter addressing the recent data breaches. The ad featured the tagline of the campaign accompanied by the statement, “Newspaper brands provide a context you can trust”.

Publishers have often been on the receiving end of changes from Facebook who continually limit media organisations reach and exposure. Facebook in recent times has become a go to source for news but has also had problems with tackling fake news. The print media now appear to be fighting back and capitalising on Facebook’s flaws with this latest campaign.

“This campaign challenges people to reframe how they think about newsbrands today” says Newsworks’ CEO Vanessa Clifford. “From political upheaval, to war zones, to terrorist atrocities, the current news landscape needs newsbrands to delve into the details behind the headlines and make sense of the complexity.”

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