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Talk Social: 1 September, 2021 – Instagram is ditching swipe-up links for stickers

Instagram is ditching swipe-up links for stickers

Instagram is removing the “swipe-up” link feature from Stories in favour of a new Link Sticker. As with other stickers, the Link Sticker lets creators toggle between different styles, resize the sticker, and then place it anywhere on the Story for maximum engagement.

The ability to add a link will still be restricted to verified businesses and creators who have met the threshold follower count of 10,000

The ability to add a link to a Story has allowed businesses and high-profile creators a way to direct their Story’s viewers to a website where they could learn more about a product, read an article, sign up for a service or do anything else they wanted to promote. 

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TikTok is developing its own AR development platform, TikTok Effects Studio

TikTok continues to rapidly build its platform and tools, announcing the development of its own AR effects studio that will enable AR creators to build their own effects for the platform.

This follows Snapchat’s Lens Studio and Facebook’s Spark AR platform that enable creators to build their own visual effects. Facebook recently reported that more than 400,000 AR creators had published over 1.2 million effects on Facebook and Instagram via its Spark platform, with many of those effects seeing more than a billion views. Snapchat, meanwhile, says that more than 200,000 creators have built over 2 million new Lenses in Snapchat’s Lens Studio, which have also helped drive massive engagement in its app.

By keeping pace with its competitors in this field, TikTok intends to solidify its place as a key platform within the broader social media space as AR becomes more important.

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Channel 4 is partnering with TikTok to create the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic hub

Channel 4 has teamed up with TikTok to create a Paralympics hub, showing highlights and captivating moments from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

The hub will feature a schedule of Paralympics content from Channel 4, created by its 4Studio digital content unit, including behind-the-scenes access with athletes, event and medals highlights, with a split-screen ‘reaction’ format and Q&As.

This continues the social platform’s ongoing coverage of live sports events, which also include exclusive partnerships with the National Football League (NFL) and the X-Games.

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LinkedIn to remove Stories function after one year

LinkedIn is to drop its Instagram-style ‘Stories’ function a year after it was first rolled out and aims to replace the temporary nature of the current offering with a more permanent version.

The platform’s senior director of product Liz Li says that the company is looking to “evolve the Stories format into a reimagined video experience across LinkedIn that’s even richer and more conversational”.

That means allowing users to create video and mixed media pieces with tools that can be a permanent part of their professional profile, adding a potentially more personal touch to their business-minded LinkedIn identities.

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Facebook to de-emphasise political posts on news feed

Facebook has announced plans to lower the volume of political and current events posts in the Facebook news feed amid ongoing criticism about right-wing media’s growing influence on the platform.

While most news publishers rely on Facebook traffic as a key part of their business model, conservative news outlets generally benefit most as “right-wing populism” is more engaging, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

The move would impact news publishers but have little impact on Facebook’s bottom line.

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