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Talk Social: 1 November, 2016

Where next for Vine’s top influencers?


The closure of the Vine video app has seen many of the platform’s top influencers defect to Snapchat.

Vine’s influence has been declining for many months, particularly with the rise of video on all other social platforms, meaning last week’s decision was not a massive shock.

The top Viners had enjoyed a 70-30 revenue split with twitter for original content they created – a sum they will not get anywhere else. However, reach was in terminal nosedive meaning more will now hop on to disappearing message service Snapchat, where 10 second videos allow for a little more storytelling than was possible on Vine.

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Facebook introduces masks in live video


The push towards live video has been promoted further by Facebook with the introduction of the first filters, or masks, for users going ‘live’.

In a direct copy of Snapchat, iPhone users can now add augmented reality features to their face during live broadcasts. The feature will roll out to Android in a few months’ time.

Will this make younger users post more often on Facebook, which is the problem facing the network due to its appeal with the older generation? By so directly copying Snapchat, it’s clear that that is Facebook’s aim.

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Facebook turning away from text


At the same time, Facebook has released new figures which demonstrate why video is so important to its future.

User-posted videos increased by 75 per cent in 2015 and one in two Facebook users now watch at least one video on the platform daily.

Viewers are also spending three times as long watching live content as they do pre-recorded video.

As far back as 2014, Mark Zuckerberg predicted that his social network would be almost entirely video content by the year 2020. It looks like that is coming true.

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Businesses on Pinterest hit 1 million


Pinterest has passed a significant milestone, with more than 1 million businesses now active on the picture-based social platform.

While its numbers – and those of its active users, which currently stand at around 150 million – are small compared to the giants of Facebook and Instagram, it is growing rapidly.

Bosses at Pinterest also consider it a personal rather than social platform. Rather than looking at what friends are up to, users seek inspiration and ideas, making it an idea space for brands.

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Tweets keep getting longer


Twitter’s attempts to let users say more have so far included dropping all media attachments from the 140 character count in a single tweet.

Now any users @’d in a reply will also not count towards the overall tweet length.

This feature is being tested by a selected group of twitter users at present before being rolled out to all users if successful.

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