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Talk Social: 1 May, 2018

Facebook Live turns two


Where did that time go? Facebook Live has celebrated its second birthday – and is firmly established as the most popular way to go live on social.

Due to its sheer numbers, FB Live trounces alternative methods of live streaming.

In those two years since it launched as a competitor to Meerkat and Periscope, more than 2billion people have watched a Facebook Live broadcast and there have been more than 3,500,000,000 broadcasts.

More brands are seeing it as a way of gaining an immediate connection with customers and their audiences in a relatively inexpensive way as the number of live broadcasts has doubled year on year.

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Unskippable ads on Snapchat


Snapchat was undoubtedly the last social platform to catch on to the potential of advertising. Now it’s making up for lost time.

It is to launch a new, unskippable, six second ad option called Commercials, which it is trialling in its TV-style content.

The decision to make the ads impossible to skip is sure to prove controversial to the audience who view content on the Discover channel and on selected Snapchat shows.

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Play time for Snapchat users


Snapchat also continues to innovate, with the introduction of games to its multitude of lens options.

The augmented reality games are called Snappables and allow users to play different games including basketball, rock band and a dance-off.

With users currently spending an average of half an hour a day on the social platform, this is seen as a way to extend that time and make platform advertising all the more valuable.

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New features on Instagram


Users of Instagram Stories might notice a few changes shortly as a series of features are being trialled by the Facebook-owned social network.

Soon, users will be able to use a slo-mo mode while filming, react to another user’s story with an emoji, see a calendar of archived Stories and also mute users who they no longer wish to see posts from.

The features are being tested among select users, with some or all being rolled out in due course.

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Facebook says users can feel as well as read posts


A new electronic sleeve is promising to let Facebook users ‘feel’ posts from friends.

Facebook’s research department has come up with the device, which translates posts and messages into ‘tactile’ representations.

This will let users know a message has been posted, and get its meaning, without having to get their device out, if they are in a situation where this is not possible.

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