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Talk Social: 03 March, 2015

Google update 1: Facts, not links


Big news in the pipeline at Google, where a research team is developing a major tweak to search engine algorithms.

Google currently ranks a site using the number of inbound links to determine quality, however, it is now looking to measure the trustworthiness of a page instead. Using Google’s ‘Knowledge Vault’ of facts accumulated as being unanimously agreed upon online, the software will count the number of incorrect facts within a page and the fewer a page has, the higher it will rank.

Online experts predict the move may be several years from becoming reality but when it is, a lot of brands will need to rethink their online strategies entirely.

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Google update 2: Mobile-friendly sites rewarded

The mobile-friendliness of a website will now be taken into consideration as a ranking signal by Google.

As more searches are performed on mobile devices, those sites that are fully optimized will now be rewarded by performing better when a search is carried out on a mobile.

In a further mobile-friendly move, Google has announced that indexed mobile apps will also influence rankings for users who have those apps installed on their phones.

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Google Update 3: Goodbye to Google+

Google is slowly phasing out its social network, Google+.

The network will eventually be replaced by two new products: Google Photos, for all your pictures, and Google Streams, for your Facebook style updates.

After launching in 2011, the networking site has faced its fair share of criticism, so the news that it’s on the way out may not come as much of a surprise, but it will be interesting to see how the new products affect communications in the social networking world.

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Global media agency now making news


Global media agency OMD – which has clients such as John Lewis and Nissan – has launched a creative unit called Newsroom in partnership with Buzzfeed, The Guardian, Global Radio, Google, Facebook and Outbrain.

This ambitious development aims to identify in real-time what is creating a buzz and turn it into creative, relevant ideas for the agency’s clients. OMD calls it a move to earn ‘a greater share of people’s lives’.

By flexing their muscle and partnering with such diverse and dominant content sources, OMD is showing it means business.

What it will mean in practice is probably getting big brands more on the ball and quick to react to trending situations like last week’s ‘The Dress’ debate or Madonna’s Brits tumble.

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Dawn of the smart bottle


Spirits brand Diageo has unveiled its first smart bottle.

The producer of Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and Captain Morgan’s has introduced labels that contains sensors produced by a company called Thinfilm.

First to get the smart bottle treatment is Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky with labels on the neck able to identify if the seal is still intact and a label on the back that interacts with smartphones to give consumers recipes and serving suggestions.

The radio signal powers the connection, so the tags are batteryless. And once the breakthrough becomes the norm, look out for the label starting to serve you promotions while you’re browsing in the supermarket aisle and advertising when you get it home.

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