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Talk Social 03/11/2020 – Instagram increases live stream times to up to four hours 

Instagram increases live stream times to up to four hours 

With businesses, creators, events, and sports around the world adapting to the new ways of delivering and streaming live content post COVID-19, Instagram has upped it’s live streaming time to four hours for its users. 

Instagram will also allow users to save live streams for up to 30 days before they are deleted from the platform, as well as pushing live streams in the explore section of IGTV to make it easier for them to be discovered. 

The new option will bring the same functionality to live streams. Creators can revisit an older live event and take advantage of it in several ways. For example, they can save it or download it to edit and post on other social platforms.

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TikTok announces new Shopify partnership 

TikTok is continuing to explore new partnerships to make the platform more lucrative for its creators.

The app has now announced a global partnership with Shopify that will help more than a million retailers create and run campaigns aimed toward TikTok’s highly engaged community. This will allow Shopify retailers to run promotions on TikTok that can be created from their existing Shopify account. 

This could be very exciting for Shopify retailers with TikTok announcing that around half of its users have indicated that they discover new products through advertisements posted by a product or brand in the app. 

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Pinterest adds new options for retailers ahead of the festive period 

After a tough year of sales for retailers, Pinterest has revealed new features aimed at helping them reach and maximise sales in the lead up to the festive season. 

The app has tried to replicate the in-store shopping experience which is currently out of the question for UK consumers until at least the start of December. The updated profile enables merchants to transform their shop tab into a storefront with featured in-stock products organised by category. 

The change will give businesses more ways to present their products on their profile, in the hope that this will help encourage more shopping behaviour. In addition to this, when app users search for trends and fashion ideas they will be served with a list of recommended merchants in their search results. 

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Facebook enters the world of cloud gaming 

Facebook is the latest tech giant to join the world of cloud gaming, introducing games into its existing app that are playable for users right now, unlike Amazon and Google which currently offer a similar type of service for a monthly subscription fee. 

This isn’t the first Facebook has developed in-app games, however, they were previously limited by web-technology. Expanding to the cloud means more complex games can now be developed.

For Facebook users, playing the games will be very simple, you can access them through the main app and click the ones you want and start playing almost instantly. The aim is to provide an extension to what the app already offers, with games that can fill up those spare moments in your day. 

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Snapchat launches new 3D body track lenses 

Snapchat has added a new set of 3D body scan lenses to its app, these are able to move and adjust on how you move on screen. Snapchat says that this is a first of its kind AR tool, with the lenses working in both the front and rear-facing camera alignments.

The new lenses are able to track 18 joins of the human body, which will follow the movement of the people on the screen to create an animated figure depending on what you have chosen. 

The lenses were launched in the run-up to Halloween, creating a visual library of Halloween costumes to allow people to participate in the event without having to leave the house. 

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