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Talk Social: 01 April, 2015

Up, Periscope – new twitter video service is instant hit


Big brands have immediately got behind twitter’s new video streaming app Periscope – ensuring its arrival has blown away rival service Meerkat.

As Talk Social mentioned two weeks ago, Meerkat’s arrival caused an initial stir with its ability to stream live video to twitter feeds.

However, twitter purchased Periscope for $100million last year and have teamed up with a string of cool, household name brands to ensure its launch is the one to watch.

Adidas, DKNY, Puma and Urban Outfitters are among those who have experimented with the app in its first few days

The ability to watch or re-watch a video that had streamed live, comments, ‘likes’ and hearts that pop up live and float away are all features that set Periscope apart.

Watch examples of how Periscope works here

Insta now bigger than twitter


What’s the second largest social network? It may surprise you to learn that it’s now Instagram, the photo and video sharing site.

Data gathered by eMarketer shows that Instagram’s user numbers grew by 60 per cent in 2014, with teenagers the biggest users of the platform. That age group are moving to Instagram at almost the same rate as they are leaving Facebook, with 3million leaving FB over the past three years.

Facebook is still out in front in terms of user numbers, but Instagram’s popularity means it has now overtaken twitter, pushing it down into third spot.

Instagram’s simplicity and the emotional connection with images are cited as main reasons for the popularity of the platform, which now forms a key part of many brand’s marketing and communications strategies.

According to the eMarketer research, brands are posting on the platform an average of 9.3 times per week.

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Facebook looks to expand its family


Facebook held its annual app developer conference last week and revealed that it plans to build a ‘family’ of apps under the FB banner.

As well as Messenger, which now has 600 million users, FB owns WhatsApp, Groups and Instagram. And it plans to develop further standalone apps as well as increasing the number of apps that use Facebook login for entry, all of which gives Facebook more insight into what apps and media people are consuming on a daily basis.

The sheer depth and volume of Facebook’s data now means that Audience Network, its mobile app ad network, has become a premium service, with ads served through it costing up to seven times more than typical mobile banner ads.

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Have we ad enough?


The digital display ad industry shows little sign of slowing its growth, with the big players all reporting sharp increases in revenues.

Among the biggest benefactors is twitter, which is now predicted to overtake Yahoo for display ad revenues this year. Facebook leads the way, followed by Google and then twitter.

However, the question of whether ads have any place in the future internet has come up again with the news that the number of people using adblocking software went up by 70 per cent in the past year.

Again, the youth are leading the way with younger users the first to adopt adblocking, according to research by Adobe. However, the big guns are fighting fire with fire in their efforts to be seen online with Google, Amazon and Microsoft paying Eyeo, the makers of the market leading Adblock Plus software, to stop blocking ads on their sites.

It’s a war that’s going to rumble on and on.

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Cloaq and dagger?


Is there a place for completely anonymous posting online anymore? The makers of new app Cloaq clearly think so. This is a new service that lets users join online discussions without revealing their identity, or even having to provide an identifying piece of ID at sign-up, such as a phone number or email address.

While on the surface it just seems like a troll’s paradise, the creators are aiming to gather support from the subset of online communities where handles rather than real names, are the norm – places like Reddit and Tumblr.

The app will let you discover, read and comment on news articles from around the web, including CNN, Huffington Post and Mashable.

Let’s hope Cloaq’s creators have their anti-abuse policy in place should the application take off in a big way.

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